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Still loves and BCH

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1 year ago

Hang in the BCH

It has been almost three months that I have known BCH from this site, and there have been many changes that I have felt while being here, the past two months is not a short time for me.

It took a struggle to be here in order to stay afloat and be able to continue writing my own work, but all of that disappeared when there was an error that I didn't know about.

It's unfortunate that it makes me unable to get an income, to be honest I really want to buy something and join the I can collect little by little.

But that changed when I entered the spam box, which made me unable to raise money to buy what I wanted, I didn't want to bother my friends anymore.

So I keep this all, even though I feel very disappointed, but I'm still here because I really love and BCH, I don't want to go, I'm still here.

I'm sure that with all my efforts so far there will be results that make me excited again, although sometimes I often complain about whether I can still get rusty attention.

I'm not sure, but I'm still trying, because now I can use, and I can get a few tips for me to collect so I can buy internet data.

It's not easy to maintain a little money, but I'm sure from the I can buy the stuff I've dreamed of for the past 5 years.

I am very grateful to my friends who always support me here, I got to know this extraordinary BCH, and because my friends are all better now.

I used to think I was here just for money, but after a while here, I got more and more great friends who always gave me good inspiration.

It's not just about money, but here also I can get friends and family who are really nice to me, that's why I can't stop and go from

Because there are so many people who I think of as my own family.

For Club1BCH

I am very grateful to #Club1BCH for teaching me to be a person who is always learning.

I always get new things from the #Club1BCH core team, I am very grateful for what you have shared so far, because all of you I can understand many things about BCH.

From the little things, to the biggest things I have learned, I understand why I am here, I hope I will continue to be here to be a student of the #Club1BCH team.

Because I always get new things, that's what makes me happy about #Club1BCH, having a goal that everyone wants.

I like BCH

I don't know from when I really like BCH, what is clear is that currently BCH is ingrained in me, and has become a part of my life.

I don't know if I'm too fanatical about BCH, which obviously I like because everything I do is always totality in doing it.

Before I entered the spam box on, I was a person who didn't know anything here, without knowing anything about Cryptocurrency.

And it made me confused what to do, but after I learned a lot about Cryptocurrency, I understood and I knew what to write about.

But after I understood and I started writing, a few days later my comments were spammed, I don't know what I did, what is clear is that I always show the results of my own hard work.

But all in vain when I enter the spam box, I still survive, but it is too heavy for me.

Until a few days ago, I asked my friend's account, and currently I'm starting to work there.

Of course there is a very different tip income, but to come back to my above words, if it's not just about money.

But about family and friends all that is in it that makes me feel like being with them wherever.

Two days I worked there, and already earned 4 $, for me that is my big achievement so far, because I never received a tip that big.

So I am very happy, and I will continue to try there, and continue to write here, I am sure that one day there is an opportunity to myself back out of this spam box.

I can do nothing but try and keep working to achieve what I have always wanted.

And I hope that one day and provide a number or contact that can be contacted directly, in order to facilitate complaints and provide assistance to every user.

These are just a few of my hopes.

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Written by   37
1 year ago
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