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Limited space due to COVID-19

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1 year ago

Pandemic first entered

In my country, namely INDONESIA, it has been one year after the detection of the Covid-19 virus entered in 2020 on March 2.

Indeed, the Covid-19 virus entered Indonesia quite quickly after it was reported that many countries had experienced this.

This all causes the movement of the economic cycle within the country to become shaky and unstable, even experiencing a very high economic decline.

Many people object to the massive lockdown, because it will make it difficult for small communities to find money.

From factory workers, hawkers and market traders, even workers throughout the country experience it.

It has been one year that Indonesia has undergone a very limited economic cycle, it must continue to carry out activities using health protocols to keep it awake.

Indeed, at this time it is better, because the lockdown in each area has been opened, but you must still follow the applicable rules in order to protect each other.

The virus spreads all over the world

Currently there are several countries that are completely clean from the Covid-19 virus, but some are indeed only in certain areas that are not affected by the virus from the start.

I often see it on television news and on the internet, but I don't remember what village or where it is.

What is clear is that I believe that the Covid-19 virus will pass and disappear forever, so that activities can return to normal throughout the world.

Hopefully at the end of 2021 this pandemic period will end, which will make the whole world limited in its space.

I really felt that, at the beginning for the first time, everyone was confused when they were obliged to stay at home within 14 days.

Maybe now the activities have started to be done again, but by implementing some new things, which usually never done by everyone, maybe there are, but only a few.

Such as wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining distance have become mandatory at this time to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Declining finances

Everyone must have felt this when the COVID-19 pandemic entered, everything became difficult, everyone had to try and find ways how to continue to be able to make money just at home.

In the beginning, there were many things that could not be done so that the economy declined in every citizen, but now everything is getting better.

New things can be found to make money, with the internet and some things that are done only at home to get income.

The economy that I feel is getting better now, it is not like at the beginning that it declined very sharply, everyone is getting used to their new activities.

But still maintain health and continue to carry out the established health protocols.

There are not many things we can do at this time, for the sake of maintaining and wanting to be clean from the Covid-19 virus, we all have to be able to survive to maintain our health.

This is not a requirement, but health is an obligation that we must have every day so that we remain healthy and strong people.

Even though our finances are decreasing, we believe that if we can overcome everything, everyone can do it because they are used to it, so rest assured that everything will be fine.

Stay enthusiastic and continue to take care of our health, love ourselves if we love our family and friends.

Thank you for reading, if you like my article, then wait for my next article

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Written by   37
1 year ago
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I hope that pandemic will end soonest so others who lost their job can find another opportunities. Keep safe always Yudi.

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1 year ago

I also hope like that dear, it is very difficult nowadays to get a job.

And thank you, you also have to continue to take care of your health.😇😇😇😇

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1 year ago