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1 year ago

Why did you choose to move?

At the heart of everything I do is want to progress in life, to do something more promising in the future.

Before I got to know I was in another application called tsu, there I was obliged to make posts, especially for photos, beauty, scenery, flowers, or the like.

There I could also get money, but I was led to have to spend a lot of time there and drain the money in my pocket to buy internet data packages so I can continue to use the internet.

I always use mobile internet, not through my home wifi, so I have to spend more money in 1 month.

There I was really running out of time and my income there was only 0.15 $ to 0.20 $ every day, maybe people who have a lot of invitations can get 1 $ to 1.5 $ in a day.

Whereas I was only able to reach $ 0.20 in 1 day, it also cost me 1 whole day to get it.

Tsu application !!

I have been there for almost 1 year, but in the past 6 months I have never been active because I still feel traumatized by the same application, namely Kiki.

So I decided to take a break and after 6 months I came back, and even then I still can't get much only 0.10 every day, even less.

Until I reached 2 months and already earned 7 $, it was very long to get 7 $, it took me 2 months for that.

I forwarded up to 15 $ and it took me 1 month, in 3 months I have spent my pocket money as much as $ 30 for my data interner costs.

Hah this is so annoying, "but I wanted to quit but I got nearly $ 15 and it got me confused.

My income got slower every day because I was getting tired of it.

The first withdrawal since 3 months

This is my first withdrawal, after 3 months of hard work, if you think about it this is indeed very far from profitable, because I need more fees for the internet.

I withdrew this money within a few days ago and I am still waiting to receive it, they say 7 working days, so I have to wait one week for it to enter my paypal.

I actually got an invitation to come in here on from @bmjc98 to join she in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community called # Club1BCH, but I was still confused because I still didn't get any money from tsu, and at that time I had reached 14 $ only 1 $ more I get it.

I've decided to move and quit tsu, because @bmjc98 says is fine for me.

I asked him what I could do there ,?

She tells me if I can write in and get different things in

I really really wanted to stop as soon as possible but I was still held back by tsu.

After 15 $ I got I immediately pulled it and started to stop there, in I had started 1 month ago but did not really understand what to write.

So I studied and continued to study until I understood what I am going to write here.


Expect moneyh

When I was here I was very happy to see many people who received tips here, but I didn't know if it wasn't that easy to get money.

I write and keep writing, sometimes I get tips from bots, but sometimes I don't get them either.

It all makes me feel like a failure in writing, I think my writing is not good and does not appeal to many people or the bot itself.

I am often saddened by the failure of my articles, but @bmjc98 always persuades me to keep writing.

Indeed, I often experience failure, and after several articles that I made without tips I decided to continue writing and learning here.

It turns out that all things do not need to be forced, live and enjoy the process that we experience so that we can enjoy everything in the future.

For # Club1BCH

With #Club1BCH

Even though I have only been a month, I feel happy here, not only can we get money, but lessons, friends, entertainment, everything we can get.

Indeed, this is all about money, but the most important thing is effort and adaptation here so that you can keep up with friends here.

Moreover, I saw #Club1BCH which was very interactive in terms of making Bitcoin Cash articles, it made me get a lot of lessons here.

They made me realize that things are better served as they are, not because of anything.

Thank you to everyone for being my friends as well as my friends here, especially @bmjc98 and #Club1BCH.

Maybe I'll take part in #Club1BCH to target 1 BCH by the end of 2021.

However, I am still targeting to buy a new smartphone until April, hopefully I can reach my target quickly and can join the #Club1BCH community as soon as possible.

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Avatar for Yudisutira
Written by   37
1 year ago
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I hope you can reach your goal soon. Never get tired of trying no matter how hard life can be. To win something, you need to keep trying.

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1 year ago

I hoped that, but in fact hope was makes me sick.

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1 year ago