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1 year ago

Return to writing in

I am very happy to be back writing here, after a few days I stopped finally I could come back and tell a lot of stories here.

I've been here before, with a new account, but stillPreviously I was here, with a new account, but still after one week I was entered into the city of spam, it made me quit.

But after I quit I bBut after I stopped thinking what to do, BCH, and were ingrained in my soul.

I was confused what should I do again, to replace my current device was not possible, finally I remained silent and thought a little.

Finally I invited my friend to join, he too came along and made several articles, and he was also able to create a account there.

I am confused about why he can, whereas I myself can't create a account, inj is a question in myself, why did this happen.

And I also made it, strangely after I failed to create a account before, a few days ago I was immediately able to create a account.

But after I was able to make it my account was accredited I would not get a free tip because I already had a previous account, this is very strange, even though my previous account could not be used.

I've tried a few times but it's not thereI've tried several times but I still don't receive a tip, somehow it always happens to me.

Unlike my friend's, he immediately got some free tips, and it made me confused, and he also after making an article on got a tip.

He earned a few bucks after creating and accounts, finally I asked for the account.

I tried it because I wanted to know if it worked if it was made by a different device.

And itAnd it worked, I got some free tips, and I started working there a few days, and it really made me happy, after a few days of no income.

First income

This is my first take on, I'm so happy I can finally top up my BCH wallet back after several weeks of inactivity.

I hope I can keep working on, and I'll keep writing in to restore's trust in me.

I really hope that things will return to normal, because I already love BCH, and

Because here my life can be better and become a person who can always work.

Has 93 subscriptions

I know this is taking my friend's property, but my friend sincerely gave it to me, I currently have 93 subscriptions, and I am very happy.

I'm sure I can keep writing here and keep working on, a lot of new friends there, because they talk more actively there and there are so many.

Indeed, and have changed the lives of many people and are very helpful for their finances today.

Current income

I currently have $ 1.24 in my BCH wallet, hopefully it will continue to grow and add to more.

Thank you to and for giving me work, indirectly and have helped many people's lives.

I will continue to work hard here and there, because I really love, and now I'm starting to love

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Written by   37
1 year ago
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