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Is there a chance to get off the black list ???

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1 year ago

Can it come out ??

One week ago I had a bad thing that made me not noticed by bots, even everyone here, my account was blacklisted.

I don't know what my mistake was, but I try to accept it if I have made a mistake that got me blacklisted.

This does provide because every thing I make will not be able to be seen by many people, even my comments cannot be seen if they are not clicked.

One week has passed, it is so tiring where I have to endure a very heavy sentence, all the articles I have written for hours not many people see it.

It seems like this is starting to make me frustrated because I have written all of what I have written here for articles without readers.

I ran out of ideas in my life, at first I felt I could get past them, but right now I'm really frustrated with this situation.

I don't know how long I will continue like this, making articles without readers and without tips, to be honest I also need tips for my daily needs.

But I can't do anything now, I can just keep writing and writing, the problem is what should I write about. ??

I'm not a critic, I'm not a businessman, I'm just a lone person.

I have written what I want to write here, but being blacklisted makes someone despair.

Restless, confused, sad, everyone feels like me, what makes me sad because what I write is like nothing without a reader: ((

Hope you don't know yet

A friend here once said that if he had also been blacklisted, everything he wrote was unnoticed.

All of his comments can't be seen in person, but he's always making them and keeps making them.

Until one day he made an article that he didn't pay attention to then the bot started giving tips and he admitted that he was free from the black list.

I'm actually happy to hear such good things, !! But the problem is not as easy as it seems, I have to write without me knowing when this difficult time will pass.

I feel hopeless at the moment, I am confused, even though I can continue to write, but my current finances cannot be maintained.

Every day I started running out of money to buy food, even every day I only ate 1 meal, that's all I did to save the money I had so that it arrived in the following days.

I eat every day at 3 pm, because at 3 pm is the right time to eat, enduring hunger is not good, the heartburn that I suffer sometimes likes to come back, but I try to stay afloat so that the next day I don't starve more long.

Actually I don't want to write this article or this story, I don't want to be impressed that I am the one who is suffering the most, but I'm already confused about what to write about.

Maybe this article will not be seen much by many people either, but I know that, I still want to write this.

I just want to know how long I will be like this, how long I will make articles without tips, from bots, until when I make articles not noticed.

Where do I have to beg to be able to return to normal, this is sad, makes me always sad every day.

You know, every day I write articles and talk to everyone but still my articles are quiet.

Every day every morning when I wake up and open my account, I really hope that the zeros in my account turn into a very valuable amount.: (((

But, every morning I also realized that if that could not happen, this is what I contemplate every day in the morning every morning.

If I write all my sad stuff here it might be 30 minutes long, I have a lot to write about, but I know what I write isn't good.

Maybe this is all I can pour out of my heart here, only one thing I want, I want to go back to normal and get out of the black list as soon as possible.

Hopefully there is an answer that will make my spirits come back again., :: ((

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Written by   37
1 year ago
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