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BCH price update in one week. !!

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1 year ago
BCH prices February 23, 2021

New prices this week

Previously, we knew that Bitcoin Cash reached its highest price which experienced a lot of increases, last week the Bitcoin Cash price reached 10,000,000 IDR / 700 USD, this is the achievement of Bitcoin Cash this year which has experienced a high increase.

But the second month to be precise on February 23, 2021 Bitcoin Cash experienced a fairly large correction price, until it decreased to 8,088,060 IDR / 564.64 USD.

This is a very high decrease so the price of Bitcoin always decreases according to other market prices, such as Bitcoin, ETH, LTC, this price is one that I know, maybe there are many other prices that I don't know.

BCH price dated February 26, 2021

Bitcoin Cash price for the next three days

Several days later the price of Bitcoin Cash decreased again, until it continued to go down, this is indeed a common thing when the price has reached the highest price then it will return to the lowest number.

The price of Bitcoin Cash on February 26, 2021 experienced a fairly high decline, namely at the price of 6,993,700 IDR / 488.24 USD, this price is still uncertain until it goes into the following week.

BCH prices on February 28, 2021

Decreased in a few days

Still in its position, the price of Bitcoin Cash continues to fall, but this time the Bitcoin Cash price has not decreased so sharply, so that it can still go up to a higher number.

On February 28 the Bitcoin Cash price was at 6,564,403 IDR / 458.27 USD, a slight drop to close at its lowest price this week.

BCH prices for March 02, 2021

High rise

As we have seen if the Bitcoin Cash price is going up at this time, I took this today around 19:26 in the evening.

The price of Bitcoin Cash rose to 7,780,221 IDR / 543.15 USD, this price shows that if Bitcoin Cash doesn't want to continue to fall, in the last week the price has gone up to 543.15 USD.

I think this price will continue to rise until it exceeds the price in early February which reached 700 USD, I am sure Bitcoin Cash will stay on top for the next year.

The price above is the price of Bitcoin Cash for the past week, this is just to give you how fast the Bitcoin Cash price increases and decreases.

Thank you for reading, if you like my article, wait for the next article.

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Written by   37
1 year ago
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