Using PROPOLIS to treat stomach pain

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Stomach ache

It's been almost 1 year that I have had gastric pain which made me feel very uncomfortable, even though it had no effect on the pain, but stomach pain also couldn't be ignored.

Sometimes there are people who let it be for a long time, but it can cause very bad things to happen, one of which is death.

Indeed, stomach acid disease is classified as a mild disease, but if left for years it will be very dangerous and can cause complications in other diseases.

There are many things we can do but it takes a process to cure this stomach acid, I am treating my stomach acid as soon as possible so that it does not get worse.

In this case I have tried several healing methods but the results are still the same, from routine treatment at the hospital to drinking traditional herbs, but that hasn't changed anything at this time.

This makes me feel afraid of my current state, indeed what I feel right now is that my stomach is often bloated because my stomach acid is too high, every day I always feel this, and it bothers me a lot.

A few days ago I received a very good drug recommendation, but of course many people have proven it.

I was intrigued by this, but when I inquired about the price of the drug it turned out to be very expensive, for 40 $ I was only able to get a small 30ml bottle.

Of course this really gave me a lot of shock, while I still didn't fulfill my wish, but I thought that health was number one, so I believed that I should put medicine first.

This drug is called PROPOLIS, many people already know the properties of PROPOLIS for health, because there are no harmful side effects if it is used continuously for a long time, because this is a natural medicine taken from a bee hive.


What is PROPOLIS.?

PROPOLIS is one of the important parts of the bee that is used to glue the parts of the beehive so that they can stick together, so that they can stick to the honey or larvae that will replace workers.

There are many benefits of PROPOLIS, besides being good for the body, PROPOLIS is also very good for our skin, because in every drop of PROPOLIS contains Bioflavonoids which are equivalent to 400 oranges.

PROPOLIS is also rich in VITAMINS and MINERALS which are very useful as ANTIOXIDANT and NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC produced from bees.

Everything that bees produce is very beneficial, such as honey, the bees themselves and the honeycomb which contains the liquid produced by the bees that are used to hold the hive together.

It includes several substances contained in beehives such as.

  • Bee saliva

  • Mixed beeswax

  • Mixture of Plant Sap

Bee hive

Rich in benefits

We know that bees produce honey which is very sweet, but apart from honey, bees can also be used for therapy where the muscles of the body cannot work and improve blood circulation.

I have never tried this method, but I have been stung by a honey bee, it doesn't hurt but somehow my body is swollen and hard like a lump.

It didn't spread, it was only in the areas affected by the bee needles, whether it was because of my allergic body or something like that so it made me not want to do this kind of therapy method.

Back to the benefits of honey which is very useful for health and if consumed and for the skin. Because it is very good for the skin.

  • Irritating easily

  • Inflammation

  • Overcoming acne

And can regenerate skin so that it can prevent signs of premature aging.


Some honey

Knowing if honey belongs to several types, because honey is produced by bees, there are forest honey, livestock honey, and maruka honey.

There are so many types of honey that we can get, but I will explain 3 types of honey that I know.

Types of forest honey

We know that in the forest there are many bees that often colonize and make nests in one tree, sometimes bees can make nests at an altitude of up to 80 to 100 meters, because we know that in the forest there are many trees that high.

Forest honey itself is produced from forest flowers that we rarely see, so forest honey will be yellow and thicker than ordinary honey.

Beekeeping honey

Many people cultivate bees to use honey so that they can more easily collect and produce honey without having to bother looking for it in the forest.

But this method also works if we can move the queen where we want the worker bees to follow her to the place we have provided.

Not much different from forest honey, the benefits of honey itself are still there and very useful for health, but the honey produced by bees themselves will be much less because the hive that is made will be smaller compared to being in nature.

Maruka honey

Many may ask what is maruka honey, maruka honey is honey taken by bees from maruka flowers, maybe many do not know this flower, I myself also don't know maruka flowers.

From the results I learned, maruka honey is as good as honey in general, but it is different from the taste and type of flowers taken.

Benefits of PROPOLIS

There are many benefits of PROPOLIS, I have explained above, if PROPOLIS can be useful for the skin as well as for the body.

What I want to say right now is the benefits for the body if consumed, namely.

Treat all diseases in the body like.

  • Gastric acid

  • High blood pressure

  • Low blood pressure

  • Obesity

  • Kidney

  • Diabetes

  • Impotence

  • Diabetes mellitus

  • Teeth & mouth

  • HIV / AIDS

And many more benefits of a product PROPOLIS, indeed from a very high price, we only get 30ml for 40 $, but this can be an investment in our health.

Maybe this is all I can give, if you still lack information from me, you can find out for yourself to be more confident if there are many benefits from a PROPOLIS.

Thank you very much for reading, if you like my article then wait for my next article.

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Thanks for this content its a really big help...

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You are welcome dear.

I hope there will be more people reading this, because prevention is better than cure.😇😇😇

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