Travelers enjoy hobbies in order to earn

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2 years ago
Liked the internet

Starting from the internet

Who doesn't know the internet, even young children already know a lot about the internet, it's not uncommon for a lot of kids to have smart phones today.

Sometimes if you just like the internet without taking advantage of the features in it, it will continue to be like that.

When I had my first smartphone, I only used it to play my favorite games, every day I always spent my time playing games, sometimes with friends or alone.

Without a job, I feel like it's just a waste of time, it's because I need money to buy internet data, I really don't work but I still have a little money saved.

So while waiting for my income to spend my time playing games, during the year I played games I started to think how I should make money using only the smart phone I have.

With all the shortcomings and physical weakness I can only take advantage of the existing facilities, namely my smart phone, it is not that good, but this is enough to find a job via the internet.

Looking for a new experience that I never knew before is what makes me excited to work hard.

Searching from the site, from the YouTube application that I usually watch, to Facebook social media, everyone is really difficult to find the right job, until one day I got the job.

Long journey


After searching for a long time, I finally got an internet site that could make money, little by little I learned and continued to have good experiences.

It all makes me even more excited because I can earn using only smart phones.

In the beginning I could only waste time playing games, now I can generate and use my time to be even better.

Maybe games aren't my number one priority right now, because I already have a job that I really like.

I have taken a long journey, from the very easy things to the most difficult things I have ever experienced.

It's all because I take things too lightly, so I seem to be having a hard time at some point.

But I always learn and keep learning from my mistakes, until I can understand what I should be doing.

Have friends in all parts of the world

Friends in all parts of the world

From this, I can have many friends that I know only from the Internet, even so I still think of them as real friends in my life.

Because previously I rarely interacted with other people, I really don't have so many friends, I'm a quiet person in person.

But since I got to know the internet and started a job, I started to have many friends who always asked me to talk.

And that makes me a more open and talkative person, I'm really happy to have friends from all over the world.

For me now they are my family, because they are always there and support me in any way.

If one day there is an opportunity, maybe one thing I really want, which is to meet and hang out with them, I can't mention one by one because I know quite a lot of friends.

The thing that I always dream of is meeting them and spending time together, although it may not be long, but at least I can let go of my longing and desire to meet all of them.

Become a photographer

Old hobby

I have a lot of hobbies, but I'm not sure if it can be called a hobby or just a hobby, but it's clear that I really enjoy all the things I do.

Actually my dream to become a sniper has become a state asset, but it seems that it is no longer necessary for me.

Because for me hobbies are more important than my dreams so far, my hobbies are many, from fishing, taking landscape photos, writing, and watching movies.

But what I'm currently doing is taking photos of landscapes or flowers.

But it seems that I still have a lot of shortcomings and I have to change all that so I can enjoy my hobby more.

Photographer and writer

Turning to the author

Of course writing is one of my hobbies, it makes me want to keep writing and always write, sometimes there are times when I miss out on words to write down.

But I'm trying to be a good writer, I know my writing is a little off-topic, but I try to write what I think.

If there are writings that discuss other things, maybe at that time I was not focused and was invited to talk by the person beside me.

That's why I often write things that I don't understand myself, please forgive me if you read my unclear writings. :))

It all comes back to what we experience when writing, so if the writing is a little messy it's natural.))

Maybe this is all I can give, if there are questions or things to say, the comments column is always open to anyone who wants to ask a question.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article, if you like the article I made, then wait for my next article.

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2 years ago


It seems tht your good in writing tjan me because i cant write really in english that's why i use our own language but still im not good in writing😅 im jeloilous you have a lot of hobby ako kasi tamad ang ginagaw lang puro cellphone😅pero masaya ako na nakahanap ka dn ng tarbaho true internet and you're making a lot of friends already keep on writing im also new here at read cah and i dint know what to do because my comments turn into spam and im thinking to stop writing already because i don't know how to fix it...😥

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2 years ago

I only write what I want, sometimes I'm also confused about what to write, but I still write.You can look for me on Facebook if you want me to help as little as I can.😇😇😇

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2 years ago