Residents of the Old House in the middle of the Forest

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Troubles started coming

When I was feeling scared suddenly someone tapped me on the back, this made me very scared even more, but when I looked back.

It turned out that only my other friend wanted to ask for snacks, a little fear because I had done something that might make the forest dwellers angry.

It was getting late, the clock showed 11 o'clock at night, and I still couldn't sleep, because I was still thinking about the ghost I had previously seen in the previous place.

Maybe many are asking what is a pocong ghost.? This pocong ghost comes from a person who has passed away, but when he was buried he forgot to remove his headband.

Indeed, in some countries it is different when burying someone who has died.

Some use chests, some are cremated / burned using wood, or use tools that are sophisticated at this time.

In contrast to Indonesia, the population here is Muslim, and they are required to bury someone who has died using a white cloth and tie it on the top of the head, neck, hands, knees and feet.

Here I am telling a little about the ghost of the pocong in Indonesia, maybe a little strange, but there are already many people from abroad who know this pocong ghost.

Ghost pocong

Ghost pocong

Back to my story, a little picture so I can guess what I saw first, this is very scary.

Even if you see him, he will be very scared, this pocong ghost always starts with a very strong stench when it will reveal itself.

Obviously I often smell the foul smell when I will see this pocong ghost, I have not heard if this pocong ghost can kill people.

But maybe because the panic when meeting the ghost pocong can make people run and have accidents caused by themselves.

Back at 11pm, I smelled a terrible stench, I already knew what it was, and I covered my eyes with a cloth.

As it got farther and farther this stench, I tried to open my cloth, and it turned out.

The pocong ghost was already above my face, suddenly I screamed as loudly as possible until my friends woke up from their sleep.

A little explanation why it doesn't stay away when the foul smell disappears, because, Pocong ghosts are already in a different experience, if they get closer, the smell will disappear, and if the Pokémon ghosts stay away, the pocong ghost will get closer.

Different stories have different meanings, I only give what I experienced at that time.

After all waking up they asked me.?

What's the matter, you screamed that loud.?

I could only be silent and trembling with fear, when my friends woke up, the ghost of the pocong had disappeared somewhere.

So that my friend thought that if I was delirious.

All of that was my worst experience, the first time camping in the forest and the first time I saw the ghost of a very scary pocong.

After that incident, we spent several nights and nothing creepy came back, somehow only I was bothered by the ghost.

2 days passed, we all rushed to go home, and curiosity still comes to me, what happened to the old house in the middle of the forest until it was abandoned by its owner. ??

Find out where the old house came from

When I wanted to go home and had come out of the forest, I saw that there were people who watched me continuously, and I told my friend to rest first in the residents' settlement.

They agreed and now I started asking the local people what happened to the old house until it is still standing strong.

At first the villagers didn't want to give me an answer, and they just kept quiet.

However, after I gave my story, which was disturbed by the ghost of the pocong, finally the resident told me about the origin of the old house.

It looks like it's going to be a very long story, so I'll be creating it in the next article.

If you want to read my story article, then wait for my next article, I will give the origin of the house being abandoned.

It might not be interesting if I'm too long, but I try to be as concise as possible but still clear to read.

Thank you for reading.

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