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Prints the initial image

Prints the initial image

Today I returned to help my friend to print t-shirts again, for community orders at a company, it is not that many, only about 300 t-shirts ordered today.

For me it is a large number, but for my friend it is normal and only a small part is what he usually prints, usually he prints t-shirts and business cards for almost 1500 or more.

That's a very large number, and a lot for me, but today he will only print 300 t-shirts and tomorrow it has to be finished.

It didn't take long for him to finish it, so I was invited to press it or to dry the part that had been painted and would be repainted to make it thicker later.

This is indeed his daily job, but he is also an employee of a gum factory, maybe you know the chewing gum called LOTTE.

Yes, it is one of the products from my place, I also used to work there, but only in the loading and unloading department.

PT LOTTE does not only make chewing gum, such as snacks such as KOALA and TOPPO sticks, there are still many PT LOTTE products, but the most active one is making the chewing gum itself.

Going back to my friend, he is already a permanent employee there, so his printing shop is only for part time if he is at home.

He is a very hardworking person so he currently owns his own house and a car which he bought in cash.

Start printing images

Started his career as a printing company

It has been a long time since he has been doing this printing shop, but so far he has only done it himself and without hiring anyone else, it's just that he invites his own sister to help him with his work if there is too much.

The closest one is the one I'm talking about, whose name is Iwan, and the most distant is his younger brother named Yusuf.

When his parents were little, they were very close to mine, in other words, both of our parents were good friends, and now we are the best friends.

It's just that her fate is better than mine, she still has both parents but I don't have them anymore.

But I still carry on with the ideals of my parents and my grandmother, everything has changed, but I still want to keep trying.

I am very impressed with him who has always worked hard and now what he wants has been obtained.

Start printing

The experience I got

This friend always shared with me, and taught me how to print pictures and edit them, indeed he said it would not be easy.

But he believes that if I can understand and can do it without him, so far only him has printed the image, and no one has replaced him so far.

Her younger sibling only helps to dry the paint and wash the finished screens.

Maybe later I will make an article on how to make a basic main screen to print the image, but my friend still doesn't want to show me how to do it, so I can't give real pictures and photos yet.

But someday I will make it here, it is normal, but this is a science that we must know in a printing press.

Order t-shirts for company employees

An almost finished order

To get a good print, this should be done up to 3 to 4 times painting it, and using a special paint that is commonly used in printing in general.

There are still many things that I don't know, but at least I can understand how printing works, from the beginning to edit images and separate them for printing to the screen one by one.

Well here he still doesn't want to tell me how he made the image before using it. :))

I can also get lessons from here and can understand better, maybe if one day there is capital, I can develop my talents.

But not going to make it in one design because it will make it competitive, this is just my wish, if there is a chance I might do it, but if not, I won't push myself. :))

Image from the editing side

Editing images

It was yesterday night when I was with him, he invited me to accompany him to edit the pictures that will be printed.

He usually edits pictures only at night and he does some work to finish.

And the next day he will print it on the screen which he has cleaned and will be printed on the master drawing.

Sorry if I still haven't provided details on what to use, because I still don't understand much about printing.

My friend has been making printing for a long time, but I only occasionally help him and don't ask too many questions for anything.

I thought maybe I would have gone into more detail if I had understood a lot about printing, but at the moment I can only give what I know.

Maybe this is all I can give, if you like my article then wait for my next article.

Thank you so much for reading and for taking time out on my article.

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