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2 years ago
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The first day

At first I made a new one because I hoped it would work and still get tips from here, but the first day I didn't get that tip and I had no problem because my goal was not to be spam again.

It all went well and I kept writing on my own, I was confused about what I was doing to spam and it made me frustrated.

It's really hard to get into spam, when people write appreciated and get lots of tips but what does a spam get?

Nothing, even the articles that he wrote painstakingly for hours could not be seen by others.

The second day

On the second day I wrote back and still I didn't get any tips, even though I worked hard and tried my best.

What happened to me, did they want me to leave here, what hard work I had to do for hours on articles was really worth it.

I don't know, what is clear is that I try to keep writing and writing, until my first article gets attention in the afternoon.

It made me very happy and it was the start of my passion to work hard again, after a month I worked hard and I got nothing and I already got it.

But my second article still didn't get the tip it deserved, I don't know why but I'm happy to continue.

The third day

On the third day I started publishing my articles again, with the passion that I have all I can write quickly.

It spurred my mind as new ideas emerged when my mods came along and I started building them.

The day I waited and what happened, well my articles again and again didn't get the tips they deserved, huh I'm starting to grieve about this.

But I'm happy that my comments can still be seen without being at the bottom of the comments column, it's not a good thing if my comments are at the bottom so I won't be able to get a chance.

The fourth day

On the fourth day I wrote again, but I tried to stay calm and keep making articles of the things I wanted, everything went well and it made me happy.

Every time I comment on friends' articles, I always refresh and see if my comments get spammed again.

I always do it because I really don't want to be spammed again and again, all my efforts are made so that I can communicate with others.

Fifth day

And yes, on the fifth day I still make the articles I want, I am very happy when my comments can still be seen naturally.

And until the afternoon I got the tip back, this is normal for those who often get big tips, only getting 1 to 2 dollars for me is already very large.

Because I often don't get tips at all, and that already makes me feel good and happy.

Sixth day

And on the sixth day I still have the passion to write well, even though what I write is not clear what, but I try to do what I can.

And until the afternoon I didn't get the slightest tip, this made me sad, thought of something to give me but I can only see a few people who know my article.

Seventh day

A week goes by and I still have access to comments, I just hope I can keep in touch without having to look at my comments at the bottom.

For me tip number two, even so I still need it for myself.

Until all the things I did and I made 3 articles at once and I did it first to publish it every day.

But on the seventh day it really makes me sad because I was spammed again, the morning is still normal, nothing makes me sad.

Until at night I commented on one of my friend's articles and it turned out that my comment was spam again.

At that time I was having dinner, and suddenly my appetite disappeared instantly because I saw my comments were spam again.

I stopped eating and my mod was destroyed immediately, I didn't do anything and I'm still doing the natural thing here.

But everything has happened and I will never be able to feel happiness again, this week I feel happy, but it looks like I will feel sadness for more than a month.

I can't ask what my mistake was, so I can only accept that I never even made a mistake.

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2 years ago
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