Make masks and T-shirt

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2 years ago

Some days I am very disappointed with my signal, I don't know what problem is so bad in 3 days, I can't make my article.

Even though I really want to make articles every day, but it's been 3 days my signal is not stable so I can't make articles, this is annoying.

All the ideas I have now are gone because my mind is not focused on my current signal, to get rid of my boredom, then I help my friend to make masks and order clothes for a community.

Not so many orders, only 5 hundred pieces ordered for clothes and 3 hundred masks, this is quite tiring, but there is still a lot to be printed.

Press masks

Make a mask

Here I am assigned by my friend to make a mask, pasting the printed image to the side of the mask, of course this is very easy, so I did this and my friend made a picture for the part of the shirt.

I printed this on a press that had 175 watts of power in hot form, like a clothes iron, but it was hotter and bigger.

At first I was often wrong but I was able to solve it in a few minutes, the printed image had to be affixed to the side of the mask, but the mask had to be heated first.

  • The time for this press machine is 30 seconds, so to heat the mask it only takes the first 10 seconds, then paste the image that has been made into the mask, and have to wait 30 seconds.

This is very easy but quite tiring, I am happy to help a friend, he has indeed had a printing company for a long time.

It's probably almost 10 years since he graduated from school, I'm doing this because I'm tired of being silent, it's because my cell phone signal isn't stable.

It made me confused, but fortunately my friend was working on an order, so I helped my friend.

Even now, my smartphone signal is still unstable, sometimes there is a signal, sometimes it's not there, I also don't understand why but at least I will make this article first and finish it.

Print a shirt image

It's my friend's part to print this, because he is still using the manual, so only he can do it, it takes patience and thoroughness for this.

So I don't want to take the risk if I do, but I still have to dry the image with a hairdryer or his own dryer.

He's a very creative person, I admit that, because whatever he wants is bound to try to make it first.

Like making a picture dryer, he makes it himself, I don't know maybe I can make it just that I'm lazy, I also have electronic skills but I'm a lazy person and not supported with costs either, so that's the reason I don't make what I want.

Back to the dryer, "he made the dryer for the purpose of making the paint that has been applied to the clothes faster, in other words, it can save more time for printing clothes.

He made heaters up to 1500 watts, very hot, right ?? Yes, it aims to dry the paint that has been affixed to the shirt, it only takes 5 to 10 seconds to wait for it to dry.

Any more than that it will probably burn ,, :))

Work space

This is the place to work

Here you can see the room working to edit the image is inside, there he has 2 computers that can be used to make the image more perfect and separate the image if it has a different color.

I don't really understand much to explain here, but I understand what to do, it's not easy, just editing one image takes 2 to 3 hours.

It's a difficult job, but it's really fun for me, I also sometimes learn to edit images, but a photo shop with a smartphone app is very different, :))

So I was very confused when editing via computer, maybe I should continue to learn so I can make my own drawings for printing later.

I really want to make my own t-shirt, it's just that my friend told me to edit the picture myself and it's free.

  • Here I want to make a T-shirt with #Club1BCH that I made, but I can't print it yet because I haven't edited it.

  • There are 3 colors used, automatically I have to separate the master image to be printed on the grid before it can be used.

  • It seems that making manual shirts like this is very difficult, but the resulting image quality will be better and last longer.

  • My friend also has a printer machine for t-shirts, but it's not good and it's very thin.

Make your own t-shirt

I already have permission from @PVM to make my own koas here, so if I made one I would be the first person here to have a #Club1BCH shirt.

I did miss signing up to become a core member of #Club1BCH, but it doesn't matter.

I will continue to love the club because the cause is very good, so I will continue to support the club even though I am not a core member of #Club1BCH.

I am happy to be here, there are many lessons and experiences that I can get from here.

If I've printed my own t-shirts later I'll share them here, I don't know when, but I'll definitely make them later.

Thank you for reading my article, if you are interested in waiting for the next article m

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2 years ago


The spirit to continue working,:)

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2 years ago

Nice articles keep it

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Thank you very much sir,😇😇😇🙏🙏

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Why noise cash is not working now

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2 years ago works, only I can't register there.😇😇

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But in my cell it is not working

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indeed in some smart phones the doesn't work, but almost 90% of the works,Maybe the Android version can also have an effect.😇😇😇

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