How often do you feel this way??

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2 years ago

Many of us feel this way often, even everyone else, because it is inside of us.

There is nothing worse than mistakes, but they can still be corrected for the life to come.

How often do you feel this way, do you feel this often or even every day. ??

Sometimes someone never feels happy in certain circumstances, it's all due to problems that occur, but we know that being happy is one of the feelings that makes someone more active in any way.

If when there is a problem, but we try to stay happy, we will feel the effects of it all, it will not be as fast as we think, but being happy is one of the keys to avoiding stress.

Sadness is the very opposite of being happy, because someone has that feeling too.

Sometimes a person can continue to sink into that sadness to the point of making that person feel like they are the least fortunate.

But believe me if we can control it then the sadness will get better and go away, it won't be fast, but as time goes by, all will surely pass.

So how often have you felt this way in your life, ??

It seems like this is always there in us, desire but everything is always there, but desire is sometimes more dominant than others, because desire always comes when we think about something.

Sometimes what we want often doesn't make sense, sometimes we are reminded of something that is impossible.

Well, it is indeed a wish, which is very difficult to guess, sometimes if it is said my wish is to return to the past to do something that has been missed.

This is one of my wishes that is very impossible, but it's just a wish, I don't really expect it to happen, but if it happens I definitely won't waste it,; :))))

Hope, everyone has high hopes for a better future, but the long and hard journey makes that hope sometimes lost.

My biggest hope is to have my own house, and a small family, I hope one day I can have that.

I try to keep chasing all my dreams, and I always hope that is all I can get.

I have many things to go through, failure after failure always comes, I don't know how many times and I don't know how long I will continue this way.

But I will not give up on pursuing my desires and hopes so far, I have thought of everything and will continue to move forward.

No matter how big the obstacles are in front of me, I will continue to advance to show that my hope is still ahead.

Little story

I have experienced this failure very often, from things I did on purpose and things I didn't do on purpose, that's all I've experienced.

But there is no word sorry for someone who made a mistake like me, if you have done something wrong it will still be wrong.

It's sad if that always happens, several times I try to keep failing, sometimes I think whether I should stop here ??

But in my heart I say if it's not too late, there is still a path that can be taken well to success.

This always breaks my pessimism in stopping walking, I always come back from sadness, this is all thanks to all my friends who are always there for me.

I am happy, I am happy to have them, kindness and togetherness always keep me motivated and keep going forward to survive.

I am sure that all the wishes, hopes, and happiness are ahead, so I will continue to strive for it.

Looks like I started digressing talking, I'm sorry because I really like this, maybe this is all I can give, if you like my article then wait for the next article to come.

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