Horror story, old house in the middle of the forest

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The beginning of things happening

I experienced this story myself when I attended a reunion with my school friends, at first I refused to participate because the event would be held in an unspoiled forest.

There I was only close to 2 friends, his name was Iwan, and Agus, I have been friends for a very long time because he is still in the same village so he invited me to join the reunion so that their parents also allowed them.

Iwan: yud, let's join the reunion with school friends?

Agus: yes, yeah, I got together again so that everyone can remember their school days. (Agus replied to convince me)

Me: hmmmmm, what should I do? I've never been camping in the forest, so I'm a little scared. (I replied a little anxiously)

Iwan: Just calm down, Agus and I will be around you. (Iwan replied with great confidence)

Me: hmmm, that's all right, but I don't want to mess around while I'm there huh. (Answer I pushed myself a little)

Because my friend is a little frivolous when he is everywhere, that's what scares me a little.

Then they both were happy with my answer that I was going to camp in the middle of the forest, this is indeed the first thing I have ever done in my life, naturally I am a little afraid.

After a few days, we've all decided on a date and time to set a departure, and meet at a bus stop near our area.

Until the appointed day, finally we all met at the designated place, namely the bus stop, there it was already seen that my friends had arrived and all participated.

With complete camping equipment and sufficient food supplies, we all headed for the designated forest.

The trip started and took approximately 7 hours by bus, when I got to the forest I felt bad, my feelings were very scared and I felt someone watching from a distance.

Then I spoke to my friend the iwan.

Me: wan, do you feel like someone is watching us ??

Iwan: ah no, just your feelings?

Me: seriously wan, I just feel weird, are you sure you want to continue? (Ask me a little scared)

Iwan: just calm down, nothing will happen. (Answer firmly Iwan to convince me)

Me: yes it's up to you.

As it was almost dark we all decided to set up tents as soon as possible so that we could rest temporarily, while we had all walked only 1 hour from outside the forest.

Empty house

Standing old house

After setting up the tent, we all decided to cook dinner, and I was still very afraid of the situation around me, I still had the courage to join in cooking dinner.

The fog was getting thicker, making things even worse, cold and dark, the view was getting less and some of the tents were a little far apart because the trees were so close together.

I started cooking rice and instant noodles, to make it faster because I was so hungry after a long journey.

There were about 20 of my school friends who participated, because only men were invited, women were not invited because they were afraid that their parents would not allow them.

One tent contains 4 to 5 people so everyone feels there is nothing to be afraid of.

The food was ready, and everyone left the tent after preparing the bed.

Me: come on come on, come on, already dead, what do you want to eat or not, if I don't finish it.

Everyone started to take out their own cutlery, but there were some distractions while we were all eating.

As if there was something piled up on my back from the right, I was suddenly shocked and asked the iwan.

Me: wan you pat me on the back yes.

Iwan: no, I've been enjoying the food earlier (Iwan replied a little high tone)

Me: then who is patting my back.? (With a little fear)

Then Agus answered my question.

Agus: Maybe this time the guardian of the forest.

Me: ah don't scare me gus.

Agus: hahahahaa, you are very cowardly, yud, just eat first, we have to sleep, we have a long journey tomorrow.

Me : yes-yes.

When everyone had finished eating, they rushed to sleep, but when all were asleep the iwan wanted to pee.

That night it was 1 o'clock in the evening and it was terrible, but Iwan forced me to take him.

Iwan: yud, my anther. !!

Me: where. ?? (Answer me who is still sleepy)

Iwan: urinate.

Me : ah just bother you. (A little sour face)

Finally I led Iwan to urinate, however, when I looked at the surrounding area like there was an old house in the middle of the forest, there was a little light from inside.

Me: wan, do you see?

Iwan: what are you looking at?

Me: it's like there is a house, but the lights are on at the top.

Iwan: ah you just do it, where is there a house in the middle of the forest like this. (Answer Iwan who is still a little sleepy)

Me: yes yes, but let's look over there.

Then iwan looked at the direction I pointed.

Iwan: oh yeah, it's scary too, when there is a house in the middle of the forest like this.

Me: That's why I said something was weird from the start.

Iwan: OK, let's try tomorrow we will take a look at the house first, after all we will leave at 12 noon tomorrow.

Me: no ah, I'm afraid of wan.

Iwan: Just calm down, tomorrow we will also invite Agus.

After escorting the iwan to urinate, and when he wanted to enter the tent there were three pocong who looked at me.

At that moment I immediately went in and overflowed the agus because I was scared.

Agus: what's the matter, just bothering me to sleep.

Me: that, that, there is a pocong gus, (with a trembling tone)

Iwan: I know he's been weird. (Iwan replied from behind)

Me: ah you all can't see what I see, so you can talk like that.

And with fear and still pounding seeing my spirits, I tried to close my eyes and sleep.

The next day, Agus and Iwan were ready to see the house I saw last night, and no one was told, only Agus was the last person to know.

Old house

Approaching the old house

After seeing the surroundings, I saw that the other friends were not awake and, I started to go to the old house.

30 minutes of walking it turns out that the old house is quite far, but strangely the light can be seen very clearly at night.

Agus: Wow, this house is really old, to the point of being mossy like this.?

Iwan: yes, how can you try to enter? ?? (Ask Iwan)

Me: aduh, I'm afraid, it's really scary, how come old houses like this still have inhabitants. ?a

Iwan: yes, you don't know, because last night there was a light, right?

Me: yes. !!

Agus: yes, just go in first.

With fear, the three of us entered the old house, and it looked very destroyed and unkempt like decades of abandonment.

This old house has two floors which are quite high and big, it is just as good to be seen from a distance.

But strangely, when I saw the second floor there was nothing, only an empty room.

I quickly got down and ran towards iwan and agus.

Me: let's go, let's just go out, I'm afraid I'm here for a long time this house looks like it has an owner but it's not a human.

Iwan: well, just entered.

Agus: yes, how come you want to be sentenced again.

Me: yes it's okay, I feel this is not safe, let's hurry.

A little running, I left Agus and Iwan, they came along and when I got to the tent my other friend asked.

Where have you been, opened the tent, we want to go again.

Me: yes, sorry. (A little tired while running and I hurriedly tidy up the tent.

After all is done, we all go to the designated place, of course, with a very long time for a trip.

4 hours passed and finally arrived at the destination, it was outside and there was a waterfall near it.

It was very beautiful and we all decided to swim to unwind there, without setting up tents first, we all headed for the waterfall, the water was cool and clear.

30 minutes passed, everyone was already cold and decided to make a bonfire and set up tents, because it was already getting dark.

The tents stood up and as usual, I cooked for dinner, nothing was different that day, until night fell.

The disturbance started to come until I felt scared, there was a shadowy figure passing behind my other friend, it made me panic and suddenly. ??


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I will be waiting for the continuation, haha gabi na pero binasa ko parin kahit matatakutin din ako, di ko pa naranasang mag camping at ramdam ko kung gaano ka takot na takot sa mga pagkakataong iyon pero sabi nga nila hindi naman daw totoo ang mga multo illusion lang daw natin ito kumbaga tinatakot natin ang sarili natin,.

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2 years ago

Ghosts here are very real, if you have never seen them firsthand you will think ghosts are not real,But I hope you won't see it in person, because it's really creepy.😨😨😨😨

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2 years ago