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These 11 superstitions are actually true!

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2 years ago

How many times have we heard the advice and warnings of the elders that sounded ridiculous and superstitious to us, so we just waved at them contemptuously?

Don't keep your bag on the floor because you won't have money. Do not leave an open umbrella in the room, it brings misfortune. Drink a glass of milk to sleep better… And so on.

However, science in some cases gave the right to "grandmother's stories" and proved that not all superstitions are completely hollow. So let's start exposing "myths" „

Chicken soup as a medicine

We’ve all heard from grandma that when we catch a cold, we should eat chicken soup. It turns out that there is some truth in that. Although chicken soup will not completely cure you from a cold, it will still alleviate some of the symptoms.

Scientists have discovered that chicken soup can really slow down the activities of white blood cells that are responsible for inflammation. So, go ahead… a plate of hot chicken soup in front of you and - enjoy!

This is true - science has proven that boys give mothers more pain during childbirth than girls.

An Irish study from 2003 proved that women who give birth to boys have a higher chance of complications during childbirth, which leads to a higher number of emergency caesareans. The study, in fact, offers the answer that it is because boys are generally bigger and heavier than girls and have bigger heads.

One apple a day

We've heard this so many times before, and we probably thought it was another fabrication. But not! A 2013 British study found that if all Britons over the age of 50 ate one apple a day, they would prevent or delay 8,500 heart attacks and strokes each year.

So, after the chicken soup, eat one apple.

Chocolate relieves premenstrual cramps

It turned out that the strong need for chocolate before the start of the menstrual cycle actually stems from physiological reasons.

Studies say that chocolate contains nutrients and antioxidants like anandamide, which can have a calming effect and keep pain in balance with other moods. So, women and girls, you don't have to feel guilty about a piece of chocolate.

Hot baths damage sperm

If you are trying to have a baby with your partner, then make sure that your man does not enter the hot bath before the act. Grandmothers have known about it for a long time, and science found out about it recently.

One 2007 study found that men whose sperm was tested after 30 minutes spent in a warm bath had very poor results, while giving up warm water improved sperm production.

Therefore, if you are planning to make the addition as far away from the hot bath as possible.

Hiccups in pregnancy are a sign that the baby has a lot of hair

You've probably heard this, even if you don't have children yet, because there is probably no older woman who doesn't believe in it. This myth was also confirmed by doctors from John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

They conducted research to refute this belief, but they proved the exact opposite. The result said that the increased level of the hormone, which causes hiccups, actually causes the growth of the baby's hair.

Full moon

For centuries, the grandmother's story has been retold, according to which children "go a little crazy" when the moon is full. In other words, humans and animals change their mood during the full moon.

Scientists have yet to prove that behavior, fertility and birth rate are conditioned by the lunar pattern. But one study proved that some people find it harder to sleep during the full moon, even when they lower the blinds on the bedroom window.

Wedge by wedge broke out

If you overindulged in a drink the night before and feel hungover, your grandmothers would tell you to "get back on your horse" right away and have a drink to get rid of the hangover.

Science confirms them in that as well. It has been shown, namely, that consuming a small amount of alcohol can alleviate a hangover. However, be aware that alleviating a hangover in this way can increase the risk of alcohol dependence.

Therefore, there is another tip: drink a large glass of water before going to bed, if you already have to drink alcohol.

Count the sheep to make it easier to fall asleep

Old women told children who could not sleep to close their eyes and count the sheep. And again it turned out they were right. No scientific study is even needed to prove this.

Namely, the use of visualization or mental images can certainly help you travel quickly to the "land of dreams". How? This helps you distract thoughts from stressful thoughts or anxious thoughts that are often associated with insomnia.

Cheese can cause strange dreams

It has long been believed that this is a common myth - that consuming cheese before bed can cause strange dreams - but one British study says otherwise. 200 subjects who ate different types of cheese before going to bed were tested. Most of them confirmed that they had very strange dreams.

Fatty fish are really brain food

The link between omega-3 fatty acids and fatty fish really exists and is well known. The fatty acids found in fish have been shown to improve the conductivity between brain cells and thus improve brain function.

One study even showed that regular consumption of fish makes the brain grow.

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Written by   17
2 years ago
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hey @Yoyo, You made me kinda confused... If it is superstition, how can it be true? If it is true, why do not we call it fact? Mind blowing 😅😅

Btw, it is a nice post. However, next time maybe you can make the headings bold and add some more visuals, too 😌

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2 years ago

Most people believe that these "facts" are superstitions, hence the word in the title. As a beginner I thank you for the tips, it will mean something to me.

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2 years ago