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2 months ago

He was sitting in a bar, sipping his drink and relaxing. Even after all this success, he has had, he always hung out in his hood. There was an event nearby and all the young souls filled with the enthusiasm to become a rapper were present all around. He was chilling with the guys who organised the event, talking about how people just want to get the name and fame of rappers.

As he was about to finish his drink, he hears two guys from over the counter, talking about him. He looks towards them as they see him sitting alone. He asks the bartender to get one more drink for him and two for the guys. The bartender tells the two guys that the guy from over the counter is paying for your drinks. Mesmerised by this drink offered to them by the rapper of their hood that they look up to, they go and give company to him.

The two of them start to tell how they admire his work and all the hustle he has to put in to reach this level at which he is standing now. The rapper sees admiration in their eyes and tells them that he is always present for them, whenever they need him. Just as he was about to leave, they start to ask him about the labels, the money, the chicks and the big rappers with whom he gets to collaborate. The rapper stops for a bit and listens to them, agreeing with whatever they were saying.

They start to dream about all the reputation they will get once they reach that level. They ask him how did he make contacts and got his albums produced with such high budgets even when he was a small hood rapper. The rapper felt some greed within them as if they weren't doing it for the music, for the idea, for the voice that they should become, but for the endpoint when they will get successful and will have a luxurious life.

The rapper remembers his days when money wasn't the only goal they chased. When becoming the voice and addressing the issues used to be the driving force. When it was you who mattered and not the label you were associated with. He realises that it was the struggle that made him, which was absent in these two guys.

He smiles softly, finishes his drink, greets them both and walks away.

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2 months ago
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