Today is My First Day in Read.Cash

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2 years ago

As the title says, I just created my first ever Read.Cash account. You may think how I was able to learn about these fantastic site.

As you may know, Read.Cash has a lot of sister sites out there and one of them being the infamous Noise.Cash. Well basically, these both sites has the same concept although its still have its differences. I am also a new user of Noise.Cash and made some decent amount of bitcoin cash in there. I was pretty happy and contended of the amount of bitcoin cash I was receiving. I mean, its all free and its a fun site as well. Its just like using Facebook.

Then the discovery of this happened. I was scrolling through Noise.Cash when I saw this post of some lady mentioning Read.Cash and how good and wonderful the site is. I was obviously very curious about it so I decided to check it out and to my delight, I got hooked with the amount of tip these writers on the homepage are getting. With that, I never really thought twice and fastly created this account.

I am not really expecting anything but I hope I will be able to share knowledge and teachings to all of you and may be make some friends in the side.

..... if you made it until the end, Hi! I am YourTypicalWriter and Have a nice day!

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Welcome aboard fella ❤ I'm actually new here but you may visit my profile so you can get some idea and the most important thing is to read "about" and the article of the Random Rewarder. ❤ you can also try to communicate with the the other users and build camaraderie here in our community.❤❤❤

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2 years ago

I will my friend. Thank you so much for visiting my profile. I will check yours too.

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2 years ago