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What is website?


A website is a collection of related web pages identified by a single domain name.

I want you to see a website like a house or your online office.

*Examples of websites:* Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Nairaland, Giftalworld etc.

*Web page:*

A web page is a single page of a website that provides the web user with specific information.

Who is a _web user?_ You and I.

I asked you to see a website like a house... If you did that, then see a web page as each room of the house.

*Example:* About us page, contact us page, FAQ page etc.

*Web Hosting:*

A web hosting is a type of Internet service that allows individuals and organisations to make their website visible and accessible on the Internet.

Basically, a web hosting is where the website is built on.

If you thought of a website as a house, then web host is the land the house is built on!

*Domain Name:*

This simply means the address your website is located online, where people can find your website.

Remember we are using a house as an illustration, your house address can be something like _AZ1, Virginia, Lokoja._

A domain is similar to that, just that domain don’t have spaces in between them.

*Examples of domain names are:*,,

A domain name can be customized...

For example, if what you do is related to fashion, instead of having, you can have something like

If you are into technology, you can have


This is like a domain inside another domain. Just like a house inside another house.

Let us go back to our house illustration...

Remember a website is a house...

A sub-domain is a boys quarters.

A sub domain is that small portion reserved for the gate keeper 😁😅


We all know Google has lots of services like Gmail, Play store, map, Google drive etc.

The main website is (the search engine you and I know)

But they have sub-domains for other services... 👇🏿 (Gmail) (Play store) (Google map) (Google drive)

The name of the sub-domain always come first before the name of the website.

Not all websites have subdomains though, so we won’t be needing to bother too much about that for now.

*Different tools for creating a website without coding*

• Google Sites

• Yola

• *Wix*

• Jimdo

• *WordPress*

• Joomla

Etc....... There are hundreds of them..

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Written by   3
1 year ago
Topics: Education
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