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Animation using mobile app.

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1 year ago

In my previous article, I wrote something about usefulness of our smartphone in this Century. Here is another tip .

There are alot of useful app developed by programmers , Now I will lay my emphasis on TEXT ANIMATION MAKER APP among others.

With this app we can give our text lot of effects, velocity and motions etc.

Are you in For this?


Let gear the process towards progress by looking at some of the features.


In text animation maker, there are few features in it and these features include text velocity, which gives text different styles of movement. When this feature is applied to a text, text tend to move in different fassion. The velocity includes the following;

*Meme. *quoted. *Dash. * Lines.

*Mask. *Daring. *Stopmo *Trailer

*In. *Out. *Sliced. * Focus. *Joy.

*Letter. * Blink. *Framed .


Picture can also added in this app which gives further explanation on what is written In the text, in doing this there alot thing which should put into consideration but one important thing out of which is to note the picture to be added , Let the picture dipict what is written in the text.

Another thing to note is; whenever you are making use of text animation maker app, you must have direction, I mean your text must be purposive , either for advertisement or other things you feel like using it for.

Everything added can be filter, meaning the background and the text can be fine tune.

Related app

There are a lot of mobile application that are related to text animation maker app, which include;

  • legend app,

  • animated text,

  • hype text for ios etc.

All these mobile application are user friendly, you can make use of them without any guide but there are alot of feature that are hidden, so you have to be guided to make profitable use of those features.

What is text animation?

Text animation in a computer graphics, it is a broad term that dipict creation of letters , words or paragraph that moves In different fashion. On the screen text text are created to move in some fashion within an area or by following a different pattern of motion.

Meaning that is less frequently use in the context of text animation that is created using only text characters so each of the elements within the animation are made of letters, numbers, punctuation marks or other symbols.

There are existing special effects that are of wide ranges which can be used with text animation, many of which are identical to traditional three-dimensional(3D) animation effects and two-dimensional(2D) image filters. In professional film and video, broadcast television and in presentations, to create a interesting transitions text is often animated from one topic to the next or to accent important information.

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Written by   37
1 year ago
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