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What have I done wrong? A life leading to Depression pt.1

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1 month ago

November 21 2018, me and my four friends are drinking alcohol, eating pizza and smoking in one of my friends house when I suddenly stop from the party and wanted to be alone, I sat on the bench where I can see the city lights from the mountains. I light up the cigarette and chill outside relaxing to the cold breeze while watching the dazzling stars.

Earlier that night, my co-workers invited me to go swimming in one of the finest resort in our area, of course who does not want to see a true man wants to see? lol, I just have 3 hours of sleep that day and thinking it is my day off tomorrow so why not?
In the event, we drank a lot, to the extent that I can not feel the cold breeze anymore in a mountain resort. I also ate too much spaghetti and burger and other unhealthy foods.

Out of nowhere I sudden realize that what I did that night is totally not a good idea, to be continued.

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You should always think about your health not just fun hehe Anyway welcome here on read cash 😸

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1 month ago