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RollerCoin Weekly Update: 2022-05-23

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Weekly Rewards Update For Monday, May 23, 2022!

On Monday of each week, a new set of coins is selected to offer bonus rewards to the players. This week we received a boost to block rewards for Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Solana & Dogecoin.

As usual, you will earn rewards based your mining power, activities completed, and the number of users allocating their power to mine the block. Here is what we have, starting May 23!

Increased Rewards Until Next Monday:

BNB: 0.012 → 0.018 (+50%)
BTC: 30000 SAT → 40000 SAT (+33%)
SOL: 0.05 → 0.07 (+40%)
DOGE: 20 → 25 (+25%)

This week, BNB is the currency with the best boost with a +50% bonus on its block reward! The recently added SOL also receives a nice little boost with +40% increase to it's block reward! BTC, the player's favorite, gets +33% more Satoshis per block, and finally DOGE with +25% if you like to mine the King of Dogs!

Remember to move your mining power wisely to take full advantage of this week's bonuses. I will be mining DOGE because I believe in such intelligent dog and he will much go to the moon soon! I will get the dip!

How Weekly Bonuses Works?

At the start of each RollerCoin week, on Monday, a new set of coins will be selected and between 2 and 4 different coins will have their block reward increased for the whole week. The block reward for each coin selected will increase at a specific rate and will be distributed to participating players based on their share of the total mining power! It can be +50%, +100%, or even more. Don't miss out!

Rollercoin NFTs

You can mint your own unique NFT in partnership with 8bitcoin. It gives you bonus power on mining and exclusives miners and in-game perks.

Everyone who mint their 8biticon NFT and set it as an avatar in RollerCoin can redeem a unique JPEG Collectooor miner and more.

Feel free to support and use my referral link if you actually plan to get one!

Mint Your Rollercoin NFT!

Quick Description Of The Game:

RollerCoin is a Free-to-Play (F2P) crypto mining simulator game where you compete against your friends to mine Bitcoins. It takes the concept of bitcoin mining, but instead of the sophisticated blockchain and processing algorithms, Rollercoin lets you test your skills, complete missions, undertake tasks, and play mini-games to build your mining empire. To boost your mining power, RollerCoin offers a variety of mini-games everybody will like. The core idea of the game is the distribution of each block reward between all active players depending on their mining power, just like with real crypto mining.

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You can always join the Official Discord Channel to talk with other players and learn some of their strategies.

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Written by   28
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