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You can earn between 1$ to 3$ per day in passive mode! Works with almost all computers just like a mining rig. Perfect if you have a second old PC accumulating dust in the corner of your room! 

You can do it on your main PC but it's best to have a dedicated one for this as you need to leave the tabs opened on your screen. You could always leave it open at night while you sleep if you only have one computer.

First, create an account and watch videos on both and in two different browser windows opened on your screen. (No Adblock!)

Accumulate points for watching videos on auto-play and redeem the points to your account. (named "Free Skins" on Hideout link list)

To link your accounts you will find in lootably Offerwall and in AdscendMedia Offerwall on

Redeem the points you get for your favorite crypto and withdraw to for a bonus 25% more upon redemption.

They also offer other rewards but we are in here for crypto right. I redeem Litecoins to boost my earnings.

Finally I withdraw the Litecoins from to my account to get 10% APY on my LTC holdings. This is optional as you can withdraw to any wallet and might want to get another coin to invest somewhere else! Here is the link anyway!

I recommend using Chrome browser in a private tab and do not block ads or use adblock extensions. Basically how this works is you leave your browser tabs with and play videos on autoplay and you get paid in points every time an ad plays. You will need to fill a captcha every 5 to 6 hours to continue the viewing! Happy earnings!

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Check out this list I made with websites, games, and apps I use every day to earn free crypto. When available, I've added my affiliate links for additional rewards! 👈

⭐ Free Bitcoin
⭐ Free Litecoin
⭐ Free Ethereum
⭐ Free NFTs

Please note that I am not a Financial Adviser, and these are not professional advices. Always do your own research before investing or before buying anything online. DYOR!

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