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Coin Hunt World: Shark Week Sale!

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4 months ago

Shark Cubie Blueprint is back just in time for Shark Week! On July 24, the Coin Hunt World in-game shop will open for a few days and the cubie recipe will cost 2 red keys. Here are some more details!

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Official CHW announcement:

The only way to get this Blueprint without spending all your keys trying to win an auction house listing is to purchase the Shark Blueprint directly from the shop when available. Only 500 Blueprints in total will be available in the game and this will be the third time our friend from the sea has visited the Shop. Around 30 BPs were sold in the first sale and just over 40 in the second shop drop.

To print the Shark Cubie you need:

  • 10 000 Blue Paint

  • 10 000 Yellow Paint

  • 10 000 Red Paint

  • 5 000 Resin. 

This is, in my opinion, one of the coolest Cubies you can find in the Cubieverse and one of the most expensive to craft! One thing for sure, that Shark Cubie got the best refreshing animation of all!

This likely won't be the Blueprint's last sale, but no one knows when it will return. This could take months or even years, and since Structures are coming soon, it's best to assume that it will be needed for an exclusive building. It would be a good idea to add it to your collection while it's cheap!

Also, keep in mind that purchasing items from the in-game Shop is a way to help game developers. The more blueprints they sell, the more chances we have of seeing new amazing cubies appearing in the shop.

I will get mine for sure! Will you get yours?

What is Coin Hunt World?

Coin Hunt World is a geo-location trivia adventure game, which uses augmented reality and high-end technologies in its core development! The game allows you to earn cryptocurrency while doing your daily activities (walking, cycling, driving). Go around town to find Vaults, answer trivia, complete quests, and earn crypto rewards, as well as in-game items like rare Cubiescrafting resources, and NFTs.

If you have a smartphone and like to hunt around town trying to catch pocket monsters, you're probably familiar with the game genre. Except here in CHW, you're fighting against your own knowledge and chasing real pocket money! Of course, there are cute little creatures and other shiny things to collect. The game is currently available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, El Salvador, the Philippines. and now Malaysia.

Coin Hunt World official merchandise now available!

Pass by the CHW Discord's Channel #chw-merch to see all the products made by the community for the community!

Discord Server:

Community Map:

Coin Hunt World Wiki:

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Written by   28
4 months ago
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