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Coin Hunt World Malaysia: Beta Launch Bounties

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7 months ago (Last updated: 6 months ago)

Malaysia beta is now live and there is a special bounty hunt to celebrate the launch. Local Hunters in Malaysia can compete and receive additional rewards on top of the regular rewards the game offers to all players. There are still 6 tasks to complete so don't waste time if you want to get your hands on a share of the bounty! 

There is 1000 total available spots for Android players. The testfilght beta for Apple is now full. 

Use my Referral Link to download the game & get 2 mystery boxes when you upgrade HQ!

Beta Launch Bounties

#1. First hunter to solve a Green Vault ✔️ (Completed by grandel)
#2. First hunter with a level 3 Headquarters
#3. First hunter to print a Red Cubie 
#4. First hunter to finish all Walking Goals 
#5. First hunter to find a Resin Tree ✔️ (Completed by Quard)
#6. First hunter to complete a Buddy Quest
#7. First hunter to completely build a Uservault
#8. First hunter to list a White Cubie for sale in the Auction House

Each bounty can only be claimed once. Each unique player can only claim a maximum of two bounties. You can see the overall progress and steps to claim rewards in the original post 👉

After completing a bounty task, you need to share a screenshot proof of your achievement in the malaysia-hunters channel of the official CHW Discord to obtain your rewards.


Country-wide Launch Boost!

The Malaysia launch benefits from a 5x boost to help grow local communities and reward early adopters!

Malaysia has the 5x Launch Boost activated until the players hit certain milestones. Milestone 1 will be reached once there are 3000 active User Vaults in the country, at which point the Launch Boost will drop to 4x. Read more about Launch Boosts here.

Here is the current Launch Boost rate:

Currently there are 0 active UVs! Remember, the first hunter to completely build a User Vault receives a Beta Launch Bounty as well, so don’t delay, build your UV today!

If you have an android phone and would like to participate in the beta, this can be a good opportunity to start before everyone else and start gathering crypto goodies in the cubieverse! The game is more generous than ever before now with the new move-to-earn feature! Join the community and come hunt with us!

Jump in the Official Discord Server and join the hunt!

👉 Coin Hunt World: 10 Ways To Get More Keys!

If you didn't already know!

Coin Hunt World is a geo-location trivia adventure game, which uses augmented reality and high-end technologies in its core development! The game allows you to earn cryptocurrency while doing your daily activities (walking, cycling, driving). Go around town and find Vaults to answer trivia, and earn crypto rewards, as well as in-game items like rare Cubiescrafting resources, and NFTs.

If you have a phone and like to wander around town catching pocket monsters, you're probably familiar with the game genre. Except here in CHW, you're fighting against your own knowledge and chasing the real pocket money! Of course, there are cute little creatures and other shiny things to collect.

The game is currently available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, El Salvador, the Philippines. and soon Malaysia. Last year, Coin Hunt World distributed $1,561,511 in cryptocurrency to its users. You can learn more about it in the CHW 2021 Retrospective!

Discord Server:

Community Map:

Coin Hunt World Wiki:

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Written by   28
7 months ago (Last updated: 6 months ago)
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