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CHW Twitter Contest: Anthurium Flowers

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8 months ago

Just to let y'all know! There is an ongoing Coin Hunt World Tweet Contest!

Reply with your best guess for how many Anthurium Flowers dropped during the Hawaii Event and you could win 50$ worth of either BTC or ETH! Plus If we retweet 1000 times we will get extra rewards!

Original Post from CHW Team:

Contest Rules: 

One lucky hunter who replies to this tweet with the best guess for how many Anthurium Flowers dropped during the Hawaii Event will receive a Red Crypto Prize Box (worth 50$USD)

  • Best guess must be at or under the true number. In case of a ties, earliest tweet wins.

  • In addition, retweet this 1000 times in 24h, and everyone in the game will receive a bonus Hawaii Resource Box!

There is 22 hours left! Don't waste time and retweet 😃

If you didn't know! Coin Hunt World is a free to play augmented-reality game, which allows you to earn cryptocurrency while doing your everyday activities (walking, biking, driving). Go around town and find Vaults to answer trivia questions and earn Crypto Rewards, as well as in-game items such as rare Cubies, crafting resources and NFTs. The game is currently available in USA, Canada, UK, El Salvador, and now the Philippines. In 2021 Coin Hunt World distributed $1,561,511 in Cryptocurrency to their users. You can read more about the stats of last year in the CHW 2021 Retrospective!

Official CHW Discord Server:

Coin Hunt World Community Map:

Coin Hunt World Wiki:

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Original post on Publish0x:

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Written by   28
8 months ago
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