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10 New Cubiecranes In The Philippines

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8 months ago (Last updated: 7 months ago)

BIG NEWS! 10 brand new Cubiecranes have just been implemented in the game for Filipino players!

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If there's one thing everyone loves about blockchain games, it's crypto of course, and one of the best ways to get crypto in Coin Hunt World is to solve Yellow Vaults.

By crypto, I mean $10 worth of BTC! This is not your usual volatile token that you usually earn playing crypto games! In fact, CHW rewards players with Bitcoin and Ethereum after completing trivia challenges that you will find in the form of vaults scattered around areas where the game is available. But first, to access the Yellow Vaults, the players have to supply the Cubiecranes with Resin and build the structures.

How to build a Yellow Vault?

The very first thing to do here is to gather the community and start the hunt. Of course game developers won't tell people where they placed the Cubiecranes and that's the coolest part in my opinion! It adds to the exploration aspect, and I love how people work together using the community interactive map and communicate on Discord and other social platforms to accomplish things in the game!


Once the Cubiecranes are located, which shouldn't take long, the cranes must be supplied with 1,000,000 Resin before the construction can begin! Then, after a week, the building is complete and ready for all players, even those who did not participate in its construction. The Yellow Vaults will remain there on the map for all current and future users!

Yellow Vault

To add meat to the bone, as if $10 worth of crypto a week wasn't enough reward to build the thing, everyone who participates in completing the crane by adding a minimum of 10,000 Resin will receive a Construction BP in their mailbox upon completion!

Construction Blueprint

This is so far the only way to get the Blueprint without spending a few keys at the Auction House (Player's Market). Adding resin to a crane also rewards the player with Leaderboard Points. Some of the top players have used them in the past as a tactic to achieve top ranking on the monthly leaderboards!

What is Coin Hunt World?

Coin Hunt World is a free adventure trivia game, which uses augmented reality and high-end technologies in its core development! The game allows you to earn cryptocurrency while doing your daily activities (walking, cycling, driving). Go around town and find Vaults to answer trivia, and earn crypto rewards, as well as in-game items like rare Cubies, crafting resources, and NFTs. If you have an Android phone and wander around town catching pocket monsters, you're probably familiar with the game genre. Except here in CHW, you're fighting against your own knowledge and chasing the real pocket money! Of course, there are cute little creatures and other shiny things to collect. The game is currently available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, El Salvador, and now the Philippines. In 2021, Coin Hunt World distributed $1,561,511 in cryptocurrency to its users. You can learn more about last year's stats in the CHW 2021 Retrospective!

Official CHW Discord Server:

Coin Hunt World Community Map:

Coin Hunt World Wiki:

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Written by   28
8 months ago (Last updated: 7 months ago)
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