3rd March anniversary stream

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1 year ago

Upcoming 3rd of March will be the start of the third year of streaming for me. 3-3 will be celebrated @3pm Liberland time with a marathon stream with several highlights of previous streams.

In 2 years time I've made close to 360 episodes, which means I stream every second day on average. I also gave away over 1 BILLION HONK tokens in those years, amongst many others by the way, of which EFL, Bitcoin of the Netherlands, deserves a special notice.

On the 3rd of march, at 17.00 Liberland time I will read out the special text that I wrote for this special day, if you can't wait and want to read it now, I just finished writing it and it can be found here: https://www.sgulden.nl/l/anniversary-stream/

During this moment, people can write their sBCH address and receive the 4th NFT token from the Yoshi NFT series, with a special thank you to B_S_Z and MAZEtoken for the creation of the contract.

The next NFT drops will be on 19th of March, during the 8 year anniversary celebration of e-Gulden EFL, Bitcoin of the Netherlands and 13th of April, during the 7th anniversary of Liberland. In order to receive the NFT, the user needs to share it's sBCH during the time I read out my text on stream.

To promote this day even more, a total of 69.69 million HONK and 220,371 EFL will be added to the prizewheel that followers of the stream can randomly win a portion of during the day.

Next to the special text, ceveral highlight video's of previous streams will be played, including my personal favorite with John McAfee:

I want to emphasize that all my streams are broadcasted 20 miles out of Liberland. I understand that for many people I might be an extremist, but looking at todays planet I believe my thought are very moderate. All this time, all my streams, I just try to call for action, and that is what I will do again today. I need your help, because I would like a different narrative to the world. The ones that will participate will benefit at a success, howmuch more crazy does the world have to get for my solutions to become normal?

Hope to see you in about 36 hours



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I've set my alarm clock. Looking forward to your stream!

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