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Believe in Jesus (John 14v14)

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1 year ago

(John 14v14) Christ was speaking to his disciples in this verse telling them to ask anything in his name and it will be done. Many Christians still don't know the kind of gift and access God has given us through Jesus.

Now, if you read that verse properly, Christ said; " If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it."(KJV). Christ didn't say I MIGHT do it or he MAY do it but said he WILL do it. Unlike might and may, the word will is a comfirmative word which can be used only by people who are able.

Another problem with Christians now is that the devil has toyed with their minds that they no longer see the affirmative word of Christ but completely filled up with doubt. You can't get anything from God with a doubtful heart because a doubtful heart is a faithless life and without faith no one can please God (Hebrew 11).

It's only in the human realm that we have to see before we believe. But when it comes to God's way, you believe first before you can see it. Everyone has already been given what he/she asked for but yet to see it not because of anything but lack of faith in God and note you are already committing sin if you have no faith in God. For without faith, no man can please God.

Our God honours his word more than his name. Use his words in your prayers and see him in a new dimension.

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