Connecting the Dots: Who Will Save Our Planet Earth?

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3 years ago

One of the trending searches just recently is related to "Earth Day". Both in the US and the Philippines Earth Day tops on google searches for a couple of days. This is most likely because of the Earth Day annual event held every 22nd of April to demonstrate support for the promotion of awareness in environmental protection and earth conservation.

Dot 1: Earth Day Fast Facts

These are some facts about Earth Day. Peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to honor the Earth in 1969 at the UNESCO Conference in San Francisco. The first Earth Day was on April 22, 1970, and focused only on the United States. The Earth Day annual event always falls on April 22. Earth Day went global in 1990. The Landmark Paris Agreement for a historic draft of climate protection treaty was signed by more than 120 countries, a highlight of Earth Day 2016. Earth Day is also known around the globe as “International Mother Earth Day”. Globe-wide initiatives have benefited the environment significantly (still not enough to save the Earth). There’s an “official” Earth Day song. This year 2021 marks the 51st Earth Day Anniversary.

Dot 2:  Earth Day Events of 2021

Earth Day events and affairs are hosted by This year's celebration was a virtual three-day Earth Day climate action. The virtual activity was started on April 20-22, 2021. This is the screenshot of some of the events:

As always the emphasis still on the actions for intensive literacy to promote awareness, and encouragement to each government for more legislation and implementation efforts. Personally, I am deeply touched with a teary eye on the played Earth lullaby, here is a screenshot

I will take look at its lyrics. Basically, the lullaby encouraged us to be positive and hopeful for the global actions towards a new world instead of going with the flow of letting earth see its ‘bye bye’ conditions. I enjoyed visiting the page, but one thing that annoyed me is this screen that keeps on popping

Anyhow the site is worthy of your visit. Please visit the site for more interesting facts and featured activities.

Dot 3: Me and Earth Day

For me, every day is an Earth Day. I remember when I am still a boy of about 6 years old, I was able to plant 54 cotton plants without the knowledge of my parents. Cotton is a plant that is a leafy, green shrub related to the hibiscus species. When they returned home, they were completely surprised. Getting my memories back I’m wondering why I did that until even today. There were many initiatives that I did with regard to planting. One of those, I received a certificate of recognition for being able to plant 30 Gemilina trees on the public land temporarily occupied by a school. I’m aware of my innate passion for environmental care and protection.

Dot 4: My Take on Earth Day and Similar Initiatives

A considerable number of people are concerned about the destruction and the degradation of valuable resources brought by human activities on our planet earth. Environmental researchers and specialists observed that humans activities on different scales cause injury to the biodiversity of the planet of great scale as never before. These actions threaten species with extinction. This is observable by common people, let’s say for example that before I was able to see wild birds in diverse species with beautiful colors, but today I see ONLY in my IMAGINATION. 

With the enormous call for actions of all sectors of society and governments for environmental awareness and protection, the questions are:

Will present humans activity continuously ruin the earth? Or is there a chance to live in harmony with nature? Will human efforts to save the earth succeed?

Many experts in environments and related fields are confident that initiatives for saving the earth and live in harmony with nature are attainable. Some researchers argue that for human initiatives to succeed, there must be changes to be made in various sectors of society, such as but not limited to the following:

  • Improvement of management of land, wetlands, grasslands, and forests.

  • Improvement of the management of ocean resources.

  • Adoption of different earth-friendly agricultural practices.

  • Adoption of earth-friendly energy sources and energy generation.

  • Introduce and adopt a food system that supports a primarily plant-based diet.

  • A gradual or drastic change of mindset that a good quality of life does not depend on having ever more material things.

There are so many innovations, practices, and products developed in consonance with the global initiatives on saving the earth.

What is your opinion? Is it attainable for governments, businesses, and significant groups to unitedly cooperate on such a grand scale, and eventually succeed in saving the Earth from its destruction? Your comment will be part of my follow-up next article to discuss more dot points and eventually, I'll be CONNECTING THE DOTS.

Hello Reader, Follower, and Visitor

A big big thank you for reading and commenting on my article. I’ll be glad to hear your thoughts and feedback. 

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3 years ago


Let's start it with ourselves...if we have self discipline,we will save our planet earth..She is screaming...she is wounded...lets plant trees,avoid littering...spread the nature campaign.

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3 years ago

Well said JustRhej! I noticed that your comment was 4 days ago, yet, just read it today. I noticed a notification for comment of this article but I haven't seen this. Later, I found out that it was hidden due to some issue that your comment was low-quality content. I don't know why? I completely and truly appreciate your thoughts on this. It is important really to start it to ourselves from the level of awareness to the adoption of practices that save our beloved mother Earth. Thank you.

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3 years ago