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Using iFarm for the first time

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6 months ago

Hello everyone, today I'm coming with a really short post only to ask a lot of questions because I didn't find all my answers.

I'm trying to look for getting some involvement in the harvest finance but I'm really not understanding everything.

It looks like if you want to stake your Farms you're forced to place it into the ETH main network. And I don't have enough money to pay all that fees.

When I was looking for what to do with iFarm, I saw that I don't have to place it into a farm, just to hold it and I'll get some FARM. but I don't even know if it is with daily rewards, or weekly.

I also saw that fees are 50% cheaper with iFarms. But if you don't place them why is there fees ?

Now thanks to Publish0x I have around $2 of iFarm and send it to my metamask wallet.

Do some of you already made this and have some great results ?

Thank you if you have some answers to give me !

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Written by   26
6 months ago
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I have also some iFarm from blogging in Pub0x but I havent withdrawn them yet. The admin said you can withdraw them in your TRUST wallet and iFarm earns interest there, even without doing anything. Do you have same account name in Pub0x? Let us connect. Mine is the same.

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5 months ago

Yes, if I understand well, iFarm get interests in Farm.

My name is the same on P0x too !

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5 months ago