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My Hive, Leo and HE Tokens goal for 2021

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2 months ago

Now that I'm on Hive since more than a year, starting from zero. I saw how my account evolved.

It's the moment for me to have some realistic goal according to how I made until now, for that, I have to set a deadline and this is the 1st January 2022.

I know that things changed. I have around 1700 Hive right now and this is starting to be complicated to have more Hive. Now HBD don't give as much Hive as they did. I remember a time when 1HBD equaled more than 8 HIVE, now, not even 2Hive everyday.

I would like to continue to grow as fast as I did but I'll set my goal lower. I hope to reach 2000-2500 HivePower before the end of the year.

2000 Would be a little win and 2500 is what I'm really aiming.

I'm not that active on LeoFinance, maybe my new lockdown will help me. I'm currently just below 50 Leo, I hope to reach it soon. For this one, my goal is really low compared to how fast some people get Leo but my goal is to reach 100 Leo. Having more would just be some bonus.

My ideal goal would be to reach 200Leo, but I don't believe in it when my posts never reach more than 0.8 Leo rewards. Maybe this is going to change when I'm more active in the community ?

This one is the most complicated. I want to increase everything of that. And I'll start with Tribes you can earn with your posts !


Actual : 10
Goal : 100


Actual : 40
Goal : 1000
(It may be high but I will for sure post a lot with #cinetv)


Actual : 30
Goal : 250


Actual : 3800
Goal : 5000


Actual : 18
Goal : 50

The most interesting part is the dividends, or investing, tokens :

I would like to reach a hundred of both DHedge and HE-INDEX, 50 Sol would be awesome, at least 20 or 25 LBI, and at least 10 BRO and UTOPIS.

This represents a lot and I want to do this. I saw that when I really try to do content I can have high rewards and the only tribe I'm not confident on my earnings is Leo.

I don't know If the platform don't like me or I just don't know how to use it, but even with a post has big rewards on Hive or other tribes my Leo rewards are still low.

Not a problem, this is still rewards and I will not complain about that, I still love LeoFinance and when I'm looking on the platform I'm indeed not the best content we can find on it !

What does that post mean ?

It mean that you're not going to see me unstake all my tokens and go while the price is still high. You are going to see me again and again, if everything goes well you should even see me more with time.

I'll continue to do like my last post to conclude and ask you a question.

What are your tokens goal on the platform ?

If you have a lot like what I said on the post, you can make it simpler and just one or two token, ideal would be your current stake and your goal. Don't hesitate to make my 50Leo stake look ridiculous next to your 100k 😅

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2 months ago
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Happy april 2021 with your goals dream

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