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Is Kingdom Hearts III a good game ?

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1 year ago
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Those last months saw the birth of another new generation of game consoles.

While the stocks are refilling and it's now pretty easy to find one of these for a decent price. Once again both Microsoft and Sony players are splitting. I made my choice.


Since the PS4 and Xbox One was released I managed to buy the second one with friends of mine but never did it 😕

I took advantage of this new generation to get the one I wanted to play the exclusive games.

The title of the post can give you some clue about the first game I played on that platform and the next I want to test is Ratchet & Clank. When I try to remember about when I was playing on PS3, My best memories are while I was playing all the games of the saga.

This will be in another post, today we are talking about Kingdom Hearts III 🗝️

First of all, I will not explain the universe of the game because as I will say, this is really huge. To make it simple :

Your name is Sora, you are a KeyBlade 🗝️ bearer. Thanks to your keyblade you can travel through different universes which are mostly Disney's worlds and find help to fight the Organisation XIII and keep the Kingdom Hearts closed.

The organisation

The kingdom Hearts

I already played episode 1 and 2 when I was young. And when I say young I mean when I was 10 or less. So I don't have a lot of memories from it 🤯

The thing I remember the best is that the story seemed confuse.

And I was totally right.

I tried to watch some videos on Youtube to sum up the story but it was just getting everything even more confused. Or if you are a Brave warrior you can watch the "Full movie" versions of the games :

Zero width embed

This video is more than 6 hours long with all cinematics, cutscenes and quick gameplay phases. This is just one game. You can easily think that there is only 2 before the 3rd. But there is at least 4 with DLC (I don't know the exact number and it's also hard to understand which one is a game and which one is a DLC).

So.. I started the game without knowing all the background.

I will first talk about the gameplay because this is the easiest part.

In this action RPG as on the others your goal is to go forward and kill every enemy you see. The Devs' goal is to make is pleasant and find ways to not make it too much repetitive.

This is well done.

In the start of the game during hours you will learn new techniques and abilities of the different characters which will make it more complex to play and pleasant to fight different ennemies. And all way long on the game you will learn new perks that will help.

In my personal opinion the fight gameplay is way more attractive when fighting against a bunch of ennemies, you unlock more special spells and combo hits. Some of the boss fights seem pretty repetitive, you just need to find the pattern and hit when he doesn't.

The problem is that the 2-4 last hours of the game is only boss fights a gains a lot of ennemies. Around 15 bosses (some you need to beat several times).

I don't know how they had the time (yes, they worked on it for years) but you have a lot of different gameplay. You can drive a boat or a spaceship, there are some races and minigames. You will really discover many ways to play, and that can be frustrating because some are unique for a world in the game.

First, I'm not a huge fan of Disney, except for Pixar movies, in this 3rd opus this is the first time with Pixar Characters and this is so cool but I thought that after finishing some worlds, I would need to go back to it for other missions (except picture challenges) but no, you just have to go once on each planet and you will fight the Organisation right after it.

I'm frustrated to have so less worlds. Especially when I don't like most of the last ones. Big Hero 6, Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen. That made the first part of the game better for me because I loved to play in the Toy Story's world.

IT seemed to me that there wasn't enough time with the Disney characters but it was already like that in the previous ones. Maybe I just spent anough time for "sidequests" on that different worlds to find the hidden treasures 💰💎

I already said it but Everything is confused. First, the ennemies names.

When someone is turning into a bad guy, he's split in two parts. The body and the heart.

  • The body can move alone and if the character was strong enough, the body (named nobody) will have a personality but no memories. Most of the time his name his have the same letters + x (Lea -> Axel)

  • The heart creates another body, most of time without name, sometimes yes, i still don't understand how this works. And are names Heartless...

So the bodies are called nobody (I understand because they are nobody, but that can be confusing, especially I think if english isn't your birth language) and the hearts are named Heartless.

If someone can explain me why they made is that way, I'm happy to hear it.

Some Foes are here in 3 different bodies, one Nobody, one Heartless and one coming from the past, maybe sometimes another... Confused. Some friends are also in several times because when we killed his nobody and mixed it with its heart to create our friend back, the nobody did escape... Confused. One guy name Roxas is the nobody of Sora but he has his own heart so him and Sora can be two complete personnes at the same time... Confused. Roxas has the same appearance than Venus because the Ventus' heart was in the Sora's one when he was splitted. At a moment, Sora, Roxas, Ventus and the Heartless (maybe the nobody) of Ventus were all together at the same time. THIS IS ALL CONFUSED.

(Those 5 Characters are the same guy and you can find all of them at the same moment)

But this is a problem, and I have another to add which makes it ridiculous 🤡

During all the game, we can see that it's a game for young players. It's made to let children of 10yo play it and approximately understand. Sometimes I even felt like it was for younger ones. I don't know how they can do something so complicated and expect young player to understand. 🤔

The big Problem about this game is that I don't know if I just didn't understand or if I'm just trying to find some explainations about things that are just not accurate. Maybe the creators just made it and thinking "they're too young to try to find a reson for that, this time, you put 3 times the same guy, you say that someone travelled the time and it's ok".

I don't know if it's because I played it when I was young but even with all that problems I still found this game pretty pleasant to play and I can't to anything else that recommanding it to you.

When the end of the game seem to quick to me, the final cinematic is really forgiving everything. It's beautiful and that just makes us wanting to wait for the next game (Big Cliffhanger at the end). That should come in many years.

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Written by   31
1 year ago
Topics: Creativity, Manga, Disney, Videogame, Game, ...
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