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Damso - I hate to like it

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1 month ago
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(I am only talking about French Rappers, so you could not know most of them)

I never really liked Rap. And when I like it it's I rapper in particular, often because of a style pretty far from rap. The two ones I think of the most when saying that are Orelsan and Lomepal.

I think that if I like their musics it's mostly because of the lyrics, they really mean something for me. They are talking about things I know, the lack of self confidence, sadness, and the joy when you get over these weakness and frights.

But, as I don't smoke, don't drink that much, and never take drugs, I never flirt and probably never did, way too shy for that, I really find it difficult to listen to most of other rappers like JUL (which I really don't know that much but don't like at all, he's know for having maybe too simple lyrics) but others too that are appreciated by more people, like Damso. And I'll speak about him.

So, do I like it or not ?

That's the problem, I don't know

For a long time people were trying to make me listen to Damso telling me he was writting better lyrics than other rappers. And I listened to it, and I hated !!

And when I was saying I don't like the music, they responded "yes but the lyrics are pretty deep" but when I was saying I didn't like the lyrics neither theu responded "he's a rapper we listen to for the music not for the lyrics". So I was pretty lost.

And you know what ?

Now I understand, a little.

During an evening someone was playing the musics on his phone, and I liked it, without really listening to the lyrics this time. Once getting back home I listened to it again, and I was still liking it. But I don't like the lover's lyrics. But I like enough the music to listen to it again.

Maybe the clip had an importance in my taste because it's one of the most beautiful clip I've ever seen !

The worst part is that there are really lyrics I really really don't like at all, maybe because they he's taking himself too seriously while saying things I find stupid.

For you I could even sell pot
For you I could talk to cops, I'm just lying
For you I could stop to put it in the butt

(That's a really really poor translation)

With that crap "I'm just lying" and the fact he's admitting practicing sodomy without his partners conscent really makes me uncomfortable at that moment, but I have to admit that I still like to listen to it 🤔

And after hearing some friends that his last album, QALF Infinity, was reat, I listened to it and... As I planned, I don't like it, with more than 20 songs I only kept 2 on my phone, 911 the one I already told you, and D'JA ROULÉ (already rolled)

For that one this is different

As I already said, I don't smoke and never take drugs but something about that music (that only talks about smoking multiple drugs)is making me more comfortable about it than the previous. Maybe because it's less serious 🤔
And each time I listened to it was with big Bass, I went running with that in my hears and that was a pretty great moment !

Let's conclude !

I'm pretty uncomfortable about listening a song which I don't don't like the lyrics. Unlike a music which isn't in my native language, I can't just pretend I don't hear them. And I'm angry about myself because I'm thinking that I don't listen to it for the myrics but for the music.

Fortunately, I don't listened to a lot of them !

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Written by   27
1 month ago
Topics: 2021, Art, Review, Music, Creativity, ...
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