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Bleach - An anime review from someone who hates anime

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2 months ago

Hello you readers !!

I am here to share my first impression about one anime. And you already know which one thanks to the title.

Disclaimer ūüöß : This post is written by someone who doesn't like anime. I can barely watch some ones that I likes when I was child.¬†Bleach¬†is one of them.

There is a reason why I don't like anime. I really like things to be quick and when characters in a movie/series, or whatever else, do things in a way we can easily understand without needing to explain it. Or in the opposite to accomplish some things hidden from us to explain it after and unlock some situation (like in the movie Knives out).

Anime is exactly what I hate. Sometimes they do something absolutely ordinary, every viewer can perceive what happened, but characters still explain it during 2 minutes to be sure that everybody in the scene understood. That's how In Dragon ball Z the 5 minutes before Namek explodes took many episodes and in SNK's first season, a 30-seconds countdown require 14 minutes because of useless flashbacks and people talking at normal speed but the guy who counts decide that now between 12 and 11 there is 15 seconds.

Why so many flashbacks ? Sometimes some flashbacks from sentences which have been pronounced 1 minute before (sometimes even less). And the put it as flashback. There is nothing more than a guy standing (often in fight position) who remembers of himself, standing alone and speaking without moving. That just making everything flat and slow.

That's why one of my favourite anime ever is One Punch Man, and only season 1 beacause Idk what they did with the 2nd but it's a total mess compared to the first.

I watched the integrality of "Naruto" the year it finished. That was too long, so long that I even passed the fillers episodes.

The reason why I watched everything even if this was an absolute nightmare to watch is because, the story is really great ! I mean, most of the characters are endearing (except Sasuke) and it's pleasant to see Naruto gathering friends wherever he goes and transforming everybody into better persons ! And more than that, I was already watching naruto when I was a child.

That is exacly why I'm trying to watch Bleach !

I watched few episodes when they were on the TV when I was 11 and getting back from school. Because I was already getting too late too bed, I remember that I often fell asleep while watching bleach at 6:30 p.m.

I have a friend who is a real fan and he is repeatedly complaining about me who still did not saw it. Maybe some memes about Bleach helped me to launch the first episode !

(I'm absolutely ashamed about that)

So, I started few weeks ago.

The fact that after more than 3 weeks and I'm only at episode 152 shows that, I like it but not that much.

Remember that I watched the 201 episodes within the 9 seasons of The Office in only 11 days (the second time) while I was working during the day and only 2 weeks for the 208 episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

And I passed at least 20 episodes which were Fillers and OH MY GOD THERE IS TOO MUCH, and they are so bad. We can see if the episode follows the manga even without having read it ! Just because the episode is DAMN slow and nobody cares about the consequences, people are just being weaker than before without any reasons and after the Filler Ark, everything become if that did not even happen !

But, I like the story, and I know that I'm still watching the old episodes, the format ratio is still 4:3 and I have still 40 episodes to go before going 16:9.

Before writing this post, I just Watched few seconds of the last episode and.. I can't wait to have such animations. Where I am, this is pretty simple and except few moment where there is a lot of action and new combat technics, this is just people hitting in somebody's else blades and I don't feel any power in it.

The most appropriate word to talk about this anime (at least until episode 152) is Unequal.

I can already see that it's better than the first episodes, from the rhythm to the animations and even some musics. But I still hope that things are getting better over the time.

I'll probably make another post when I finish it, that should take me one more month maybe.

If there is one thing I'm sure about : I'll never Watch One Piece or Fairy Tail, Never.

My Girlfriend is telling me that I must to say that the manga is better. But, I don"t know if she knows what she's talking about because, she read it, but only watched the 4 first episodes of Bleach.

Maybe you like it, maybe not, if you like animes, give it a try ! Have a good day everybody !

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Written by   20
2 months ago
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I recommend to watch That time I've got Reincarnated as a slime that a cute one and you can enjoy it. :)

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2 months ago

I like the game and it looks great ! I may take a look at it !

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2 months ago