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Around The world in 80 days (2004) - A movie Review - The best casting I've ever seen

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2 months ago
Topics: Movie, Tv, Art

Good morning you movie viewers !

Presently I want to talk to you about the story of "Around the world in 80 days". You probably know this comes from the Jules Verne's book with a Steampunk style. Those books are translated in many languages but are first written in French.

I am French, and more than that, I passed like 8 years of my life around 5 days per week at "Jules Verne Elementary School". While most of the time Schools are named only because they need to have a name so we provide one from some historic people this time there is a more convincing reason. Jules Verne's Step brother lived in my 3,000 inhabitants town named Mauves Sur Loire and the writer lived in his house for 2 years.

And me, I never read a single book from him. I barely recognize the title of his books and the unique story I considered deeper is this movie with Jackie Chan...

So yesterday I re-watched the Disney's movie "Around the world In 80 days" after many years (at least 10-15) and something literally hit me.

This movie is so much better than I thought !

I was remembering it to be some movie only for children with Jackie Chan doing some stunts to be funny, and even if I was absolutely right, the movie is much more than that !

At the beginning of the movie, I initially saw the Main characters, Jackie Chan and Steve Coogan. I don't know why but since I saw "Ideal Home" I kind of fell in love with Steve Coogan and that was a pretty pleasant surprise !

Even if some jokes are here to make children laugh, some others are there for older people. We can even see this took more time to write than jokes that you can see in movies like Avengers and other Marvel movies (I like them, but I'm always disappointed to see that the humor is always simple and it's like a fast-food for jokes).

I apprehended watching this movie and feel too old for it but, really not so much. They made a great movie for children totally understandable but with enough things to be pleasant to adults. What represent the total opposite of Kingdom Hearts III which is a game for young people but too complicated for them and with characters acting like in a game or anime for 6yo children.

The casting of this movie is absolutely awesome. As a French, I also identify the two french actors and seeing them was once again really pleasant. If you like to recognize someone in a movie, you would really like this one.

You may appreciate the feeling of pointing your screen with your finger and say "s/he's in The Office", you will. And seeing so significant actors for so negligible roles is pretty comic.

If you didn't recognize the faces in the "CASTING" title, I'm not spoiling you and I hope you will when watching the movie.

Even with this heteroclite casting every actor executes his role at perfection. Comic actors are still funny but serious enough to be convincing. And serious actors plays enough like the others to possess some funny side. That proves that the persons who made this movie knew what they was doing and how to manage actors !

This is relatively simple, If you have children, you should try to watch it with them. If you don't have, you should also give it a try but this is not a filmthat must be watched alone.

Please bring another human to watch it with you.

You may reach a moment when you feel like it is the end of the movie. When that moment arrives, remember that there is still 30 minutes left. I don't know what I can say more except Go watch it !!

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Written by   20
2 months ago
Topics: Movie, Tv, Art
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Oh wow, this is definitely a classic! I remembered I watched this in the cinema but that was such a long memory ago.

Definitely will get back to this classic with the family again.

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2 months ago

You should definitely ! It is really pleasant to watch !

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2 months ago