My Candyman adventure 🍭

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1 year ago

@IamPrincess created the Candyman SLP token thirteen months ago and held presales for the token last September 2021.


Second presale 🍭

The first presale was only for the first 20 users and 1000 CandyMan was the maximum amount that a user can buy worth of 0.0005 BCH. Because of the demand ,they conducted another presale where 10 000 Candyman was the maximum amount worth of 0.0005 BCH. I am lucky that I am part of those who bought on the second presale. That was my first presale ever in smartBCH. 10 000 Candyman is now 0.0241141 BCH. 🎉

Why do I support Candyman token?

Candyman logo 🍭

It is simply because I trust the token and those people behind the project like Princess and Carisdaneym.

What do I do with my candyman?

My Candyman-BCH in svntfarm 🍭

I trade and hodl candyman.

Because I am quite busy these days, I only farm my candyman-BCH pairs in svntfarm. As of now, I have 15, 028.82 SVNT from farming Candyman in svntfarm

Candyman-BCH pairs can also be farmed on tangoswap, mistswap , 1bch or svntfarm

Happy harvesting and farming!😁

My artworks related to Candyman

I have 5 total artworks inspired by the Candyman token.

My candy sticks 💕

First is the three violet candy sticks with a hand holding them. This is my way of saying thank you to the one who gave me Candyman token. It was posted in here .

My Dashuri as crypto-OC 💕

Second is my Dashuri. Dashuri means love. Her hair is inspired by the Candyman token while her eyes and shirt are inspired by the Bitcoin cash. This is my first crypto-OC and was submitted as entry to artpark challenge here .

My Dashuri in her fancy dress 💕

Third is my Dashuri on her fancy Dress and was also submitted to artpark here .

My Halloween entry 💕

Fourth is my Candyman Halloween entry here .

Fifth is an NFT to be minted soon. I am not yet allowed to share it for now, sorry. ✌️ I personally love the result and the improvements I had.


I am happy that they have several events these few days- the meme contests, gift for those hodlers, airdrops, this writing event, and many more. Also, having farming pairs in different DExes is a plus because people won't invest if they don't know the importance or how to make profits out of any tokens. Looking forward for the success of Candyman. 💕

Candyman SEP20 Token

Contract Address: 0x0D8b355f9CEDeB612f2df4B39CdD87059A244567

Total supply: 26 Million

Circulating supply: 26 Million




Trade on tangoswap, mistswap, 1bch or svntfarm.

This is in response to Carisdaneym post's in

Want some sweetness?

Try to join the link above.

There will be 10 winners of 5000 Candyman Sep20 token each, and 10 winners of 10000 Candyman SLP each.


- @Carisdaneym

My articles related to smartBCH


Author's note: Article no. 02

I sincerely thank you for reading my content, giving likes, comments, upvotes, and subscription. I hope this article somehow inspires you. I am not forcing anyone to buy any tokens. It must be your own choice so always Do Your Own Research (DYOR).

Have a great day and Merry Christmas! 🎄💝

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1 year ago


I'm also planning to buy this token last week but the problem is I don't have money yet, and knowing that their is an ongoing giveaway, oh I should not let my self ignore that opportunity, thank you ♡

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1 year ago

Read the post of carisdaneym on noise for the clear instructions 😊. The link is in the article. Enjoy and good luck!

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1 year ago

Yhani Yhaniiiii, ung sakin din nasa svntfarm pa naka stake teheee. May future din tong si candyman that's for sure 🥳🥳

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1 year ago

Opo opo Svntfarm ako pero mataas ngayon APR sa Millions kanina kasooo medyo busy , and nasa tokens na halos lahat sakin hahaha.

Galing te ruff hahaha Nahanap mo agad ito. Kaka publish ko lang 😅😅😂😂

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1 year ago

Ayt ayaw ko na mag lipat ng sakin kakatamad ahahaha. Nishare nga kanina ni Carismatic un diko lang nipansin tamad iz me hahaha.

Nag open kasi akong main page tas nakita ko areh ahaha

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1 year ago