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Who is the old man named Yang?

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1 month ago

Who are you?

Where are we?

That’s my question to the guy beside me. I look around the places and now one was there except us.

Hey! Did you hear me?

Why we are here?

I don’t have any idea what happening. How can we escape this place? How can we survive here? Theres no person here except us. What if theres a wild animals over there.

I started to cry after I said those words. How come we are here at this place, it this a dream? I slapped my face a couple of times hoping that it’s a dream but I am not.

Miss , please stop acting like it’s the end of the world. If you didn’t know the reason why we are here , I didn’t know also, so please instead of being pessimist , can you stay calm so that we find a way how to leave this place.

Look! Theres no one here, who will help us? We are stranded in an island that has no life. Look at the place, just a sea and a forest. How can we survive here while we find ways to leave this place. Theres no food, theres no clean water, we have no clothes , we have no shelter.

Miss, seems you are a rich kid. You didn’t know how to live in this kind of place? Do you see that forest? We can find a food there. Clean water? I can find a way just trust me. Shelter? We can make a temporary shelter out of woods and leaves and we can also make fire to cook. As per clothes, you can wear the same shirt , besides no one will smell us here.

I just stay quiet after he said those words. He seems knew how to live here then I will just followed him because I don’t have any idea how to survive in this place. I didn’t attend any camping when I was student and if I did its not like this. I never imagined that I will be in this kind of situation.

We went to the forest to find something to eat. I am afraid as we entered that place because of the idea that theres a wild animal there but luckily theres nothing.

Did you see that? There a papaya fruit, we can get it as our food.

I don’t eat papayas.

Seriously? It is not time to be picky. Tsk

We continue to find some fruits in the forest that we can eat to survive. He also get some coconut fruit so that we can have a juice that will be an alternative to water.

See? We have now food to eat. I know you are starved already so you can now it, I will just find some woods and leaves so that we can have a shelter. Its almost night time so we need a shelter.

I started eating and because I don’t eat papayas I only ate bananas. After that I help him building our temporary shelter.

Hey! Its been a day since we are together here but we didn’t know each others name. Im LJ , and you are?

Im Paolo but you can call me Pao. Hmm , LJ ? stand for what?

LJ? Its Lian. Don’t ask for the meaning of J. I don’t want to answer it.

Okay then, I understand.

Hmm, Can I asked you something? Do we need to sleep together in one shelter?

Yeah? Do you want to sleep alone in this place? If you want I can build another shelter again. Don’t worry about me , I will not touch you. So you are safe with me.

Sorry for asking, I am just not comfortable with the idea of sleeping with a guy.

My goodness. Are you okay? We are stranded here and then you think about those things? Okay, since you are not comfortable. I will just sleep outside.

No, Im sorry. I didn’t mean that. We can sleep together.

Its night time , I don’t know what time it is but seems I am not sleepy. Maybe I am not comfortable thinking that I have a man beside me. I am facing the leaves wall of the shelter and I didn’t know if hes already asleep or not until

Are you still awake?

Yeah. I am not sleepy yet. How can I sleep with this kind of place and situation.

You have a point for that. I also felt the same thing and also thinking how we are here now. The last time that I know was I am in the train station talking to a man named Yang.

Yang? The old man who was holding a black box and asking you to play with you?

Yes! Do you know him?

Yes. He was also the old man who approached me when I am inside the car and asking the same question.

Who is the old man named Yang? Hmm.

Authors note: To be honest I didn't know how I end up to write this story. Like what I said earlier on my post in I cant manage to write an article earlier because the kid were didn't sleep. My plan is to write about a dream but end up with this one that was a way far from my dream.

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Written by   436
1 month ago
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pahamak na yang yan at nadala pa kayo sa isla hahaha

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1 month ago

sino si yang sis? LOL

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1 month ago

Hindi ko padin alam sis. Napasubo yata ako sa Yang na Yan hahahaha

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User's avatar Yen
1 month ago

Ang galing naman miss yen. Na ano tuloy kung sino yung Old Man. Nabitin ako miss yen.. may kasunod pa ba to? ☺️

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Iniisip ko nga din kung sino yang old man na iyan hahahaha.

$ 0.00
User's avatar Yen
1 month ago

Wala na bang continuation to miss yen?☺️

$ 0.00
1 month ago