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Happy Fathers Day

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1 year ago

Yesterday, we celebrated one of the most awaited time of all the fathers in the world.

On this day, we appreciated our fathers by their effort of raising our families. We appreciate their hardworks, their love to us.

We posted different message about our fathers. A sweet long message, an appreciation post with an image of your father on it.

As I was scrolling my newsfeed on Facebook. I saw one of my friend posting her picture with a caption " Happy Fathers day to me. Keep going " . That post makes my heart melt.

Salute to all the single Moms out there who are brave enough to raised there child alone. You deserved all the compliment in this world. Be strong always. Keep going! One day you will meet a right man who never leaves you.

Salute also to all step fathers who treat their step child as his biological child. Were so proud of you!

And to all the Fathers out there, thank you for being the head of the family!

To my father and my husband. Thank you for everything. Thank you for being a good provider! Thank you for the support and the love you have given us all along.

Papa, thank you for being my best friend and my adviser. Thank you for supporting me even though I already have a family. Thank you for always being there.

Love, thank you for being a good father and a good example to our son. Thank you for being understanding and patient!

I love you two!

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