My Top 3 Most Inspirational Kpop Songs To Listen This Pandemic

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2 years ago

During this COVID 19 Pandemic the world have suffered a lot. A lot of people have lost their love ones, some lost their jobs, some suffered from hunger, and some suffered from stress. A lot of people are in pain and fears, they shed tears and needs something to cheer them up and inspiration to fight this pandemic.

People do different things to relieve their stress, some do yoga, some dance, some sung and some listened to music. The 3 Kpop songs that I'm gonna share with you are the top 3 songs in my playlist that cheered me up and inspired me during this pandemic. I want to share this songs with you because I know that you're also affected with this pandemic and need something to relieve your stress.

Life goes on (BTS)

Artist: BTS
Kim Seokjin(Jin)
Kim Namjoon(RM)
Kim Taehyung(V)
Min Yoongi(Suga)
Park Jimin
Jung Hoseok(J-Hope)
Jeon Jungkook

Album: Be

This song inspired me a lot, when I first heared of it I suddenly captivated by its melody and when I listened to its lyrics it gave me strength. It became one of my favourite songs and I listened to it everytime I felt down. It helps me a lot especially during this pandemic, I know a lot of you would also relate on it. My favourite part of the song is the chorus
"Like an echo in the forest"
The days will come back
As if nothing happened
Yeah life goes on
Like an arrow in the blue sky
Another day flies
On my pillow, on my table
Yeah life goes on
Like this again"
and verse 4
"The beginning and end of the usual words of goodbye
Let's connect today and tommorow again woo
I'm stop but don't hide in the dark
Because the light rises again"

For me, the song wants to tell us that there's gonna be a better tommorow. After the dark there is light. Keep running, let's run together to the future and the things will turn back there, it's gonna be fine again.

Additional, the lyrics and the melody is not the only asset of this song but also the 7 boys ( BTS ) angelic voices that can warm your hearts.


Better Days (SuperM)

Artist: SuperM
Wong Yuk-hei (Lucas)
Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul(Ten)
Lee Taeyeong
Mark Lee
Lee Taemin
Byun Baekhyun
Kim Jong-in (Kai)

Album: Super One- The 1st Album

This is a good song choice to listen during this pandemic, it will inspired you and will give you strength. I usually listened to this song whenever I want to be lonely and whenever I want to surrender to all of my problems and hardship that I'm experiencing, it really helps me out a lot. Whenever I felt down and whenever I cried this song cheered me up, it felt like I have a companion to lean on especially this lines "I see you and all your hopes and fears
I'ma stay by your side
So baby, let me dry your tears
I know that it feels like the world is falling down
And you can't make it through
There's gon be better days for you
Just gotta hold on
I know that it hurts but the sun will shine through
There's gon be better days "

I love every lines of this song and SuperM voices was also a plus points, it's so relaxing and everytime I listened to it I'm in piece. I recommend you to listen to it and feel every lines of the song.
(P.S. it is an english song)


Stand Up (Monsta X)

Artist: Monsta X
Son Hyunwoo (Shownu)
Lee Minhyuk
Yoo Kihyun
Chae Hyungwon
Lee Jooheon (Joohoney)
Im Changkyun (I.M)

Album: Fantasia X

This song was written for all the people around the world who have suffered in COVID-19 pandemic. Monsta X Joohoney wrote this song to give us the strength to fight this pandemic and to bring comfort to everyone who is having a hard time during this pandemic. This song is so encouraging and motivating and I really loved this.

You can hear in this song that MX was shouting " Everybody Stand Up, Stand Up",we need to stand up besides from all the pain that we are facing right now, we can all get on this. Its telling us to fight this pandemic and we can find the light behind the dark clouds.

Most inspirational part of the song:
"It's raining and the sky is clear
The dark clouds turn white
The hidden sun brightens
The sunset glows


After pain comes joy
Happiness comes after joy
After happiness, love comes
Don't frown, everything will come"


If you like this three kpop songs, I recommend you to include it in your playlist and listen to it everytime you feel down and need to be inspired especially in this pandemic.

For some people music is there stress reliever, companion and the one that makes them smile and give them strength. But in this pandemic having each other is our biggest strength and to see each other smile our the best stress reliever.


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