Beautiful Nightmare

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It was a bad day, I got low score from the test, I lost my money, I quarrelled with my friends, and my parents fought. I entered my room, closed the door and go directly to bed, put my headphones and play some loud music, trying to forget all my problems and worries. Without noticing I fell asleep.

"Miss! Miss! Miss wakeup" , I've heared a woman's voice waking me up. When I opened my eyes I was in a different place, it was a luxurious mansion and it feel so cosy and comfortable. I'm laying in a soft bed and wearing a fancy dress. I first thought it was a dream, so I got up and played the role of who am supposed to be in that dream.

"Miss you need to dress up and wear the dress that Madam gave you yesterday" she said. *Dress? Madam?* I silently asked myself. When I turned around I saw a fancy box beside me. "Ok, by the way, can I ask you what's the occasion is? ", I asked her."Miss did you forgot?, It's your birthday today", she replied with exclamation." Yah! right I've remembered, I think I'm just half asleep, hehehe😅". She looked at the clock, " Miss it's already 6:00 pm, you need to hurry and dressed up now, the party will start at 7:00 o'clock", she said with haste. I opened the box and saw a very beautiful and fancy pink dress, I hurriedly got ready and got dressed.

*knock,Knock,knock*, someone knocked my door, "Can I get in?", I've heared a familiar woman's voice behind my door. "Ahh, Yes🤔" I replied. The door opened,I was relieved to saw a familiar woman entering my room, she looked exactly like my mother.

" Oh! My precious daughter you looked so pretty🥰" she said. " Thank you mom, you also looked so gorgeous" I casually replied. " Oh! Thankyou, are you ready?, your visitors are waiting for you outside", she excitedly asked. She is so different with my real mother and I saw a very bright smile in her eyes.

She held my hand and we go out together. I was so shocked, so many people are waiting for me outside, they all wearing fancy dresses, there's also a lot of delicious foods, chandeliers, lights and a lot of fancy decorations, the whole place was so luxurious. I can't take off my eyes from that fancy view, then I've heared a flick of fingers and I blinked. When I opened my eyes I was in the kitchen.

I woke up preparing some lunch boxes. "Miss!Miss!Miss", someone is looking for me, I saw the maid that I saw earlier in my room. "Miss hurry up, your father is been waiting for you outside", she said in a haste . Again, I played with the role, "I'm coming", I replied,* I wonder if that father also looks like my real father🤔*.

When I got out I saw a fancy car waiting for me at the mansion's gate. I hurriedly opened the car's door and I'm shocked to see a man setting inside the car who looked exactly like my father, I sat beside him. We are both so quiet, can't hear a word.

After a moment of silence we arrived in our destination. "Miss, we're here", the driver said. I took a glance of my dad and he still reading a newspaper, so I grabbed my things and planned to get off the car ,when my father stopped me, " Wait, take this", he grabbed some money from his wallet and he lend it to me, " Take this money and have fun with your friends in your outing, I'll see you after 3 days", he said. " 3 days of outing?😱, Dad are you really letting me to go outing with my friends ? and for 3 days?🤨", I asked him. "Yes, why not?", he replied. "Amm....,nothing, I'll go then, Bye!", I ended up our conversation and got off the car.

My real father wouldn't lend me a big amount of money and he also wouldn't easily let me go outing with my friends, especially for 3 days.

"Yeizmin!, here !", my friends was calling me. I smiled and headed to them. " Hello guys!", I greeted them. They all hugged me and smiled at me. " Guys.... are you not mad at me?", I asked them. "Mad? Why we would be mad at you, no we're not", one of them replied. I smiled again, *here they don't hate me, they all loved me and they all smiled so brightly*.

We all got into the luxurious van , it's so loud inside, they are all laughing and played jokes and we sung our favourite song together. It was so fun, I remembered about my quarrel with them, * If this is a dream I don't wanna wake up*. I tried to pinched myself to know if this is really a dream or not, then I felt the pain. * If this is a dream why can I felt pain*, then I asked one of my friends to pinch me harder. " Why would I do that?, I don't wanna hurt you", she replied. "NO, It's fine, you won't hurt me, Please🙏", I asked her again, then she pinched my cheek harder.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!!!, it hurts, I felt the pain, this is not a dream!😱", I'm in dazed. So I thought it was real, then my friend flicked her fingers and I blinked. Once again, when I opened my eyes I was in a different place.

I woke up in a park with lots of beautiful aromatic flowers, maple trees, and benches. "Miss!Miss!Miss!", someone was calling me from behind. " Miss excuse me you dropped your hanky", a man's voice said. When I turned around I saw an angel, not literally an angel but He's so handsome and he smile so brightly, he's wearing a white shirt and a black jeans. He's so perfect, from his hair, eyes, nose, and lips, he's shining, I can't take off my eyes from him.

" Excuse me, Miss?", he said. " Am... thankyou🥰", I took my hanky from him and thanked him. " it's nothing.....I saw you earlier and you look so down and I think you need that hanky to wipe your tears", he replied. * My tears?*, I touched my cheeks and its wet , so maybe I do cried and I don't know what the reason is. " you saw me cried?", I asked him. "Sorry, I was setting at the bench when you passed by , so I accidentally saw you cried😔", he replied." No👐, don't be sorry, it's not your fault", I said. I realized that there's no other people around the park besides from the two of us.

We sat at the bench under the maple tree and start a conversation." Miss can I ask you the reason behind your tears?", he asked. I honestly don't know what the reason is and I don't know what to say, so I tried to change the topic. I smiled and asked him " By the way we still don't know each other, I'm Yeizmin, how about you?", I asked him with a smile. He looked at me and he just smiled and pat my head , " Whatever the reasons behind those tears is, you should always smile like that", he said and he stood up. " Wait, are you leaving now?", I asked him.

"Miss! Miss! where are you?", I've heared the maid's voice, so I turned around and I saw her. When I turned back his gone. For just a second his gone and his nowhere to be sight. "Miss I've been looking for you everywhere....Miss let's go your mother and father are both worried for you", she said but I'm still thinking about him. The maid flicked her fingers and again I blinked.

When I opened my eyes I'm back in the mansion. I heared my parents talking about divorce. I was shocked to heared that because my real parents, even how much they fight and although they have a lot of misunderstandings, they would never ever talk about divorce because I know how much they love each other. I go to their room and I saw my dad packing his things up, he planed to leave me and mom behind. I felt uneasy, I felt anger for my dad, I don't know what to do, so I run away from home.

I keep running and running non stop while I'm crying, then I saw the man that I meet at the park. "Finally you're here, I've been waiting for you, Yeizmin ", he said. " How did you know my name", I asked. "How wouldn't I know the name of my girl", he replied. I was so shocked to heared him call me his girl. He came closer to me and he hold my cheeks, "You're crying again......", he said, then he wiped my tears. He looked in my eyes, " Stop crying....", he said and then put his forehead in my forehead. After he did that I felt relieved and I stopped from crying.

He smiled at me and he hold my hand, we walked together under the moonlight. We stopped under the blossom tree and he hold my cheeks. My heart was beating faster, his getting closer, so I closed my eyes, then I heared a flick of fingers, when I opened my eyes it happened again, I woke up in my room.

"Miss!Miss! Miss open the door", I heared the maid's voice behind my door and it looks like she is in a rush. I hurriedly opened the door and I saw her worried face.
" What's wrong? Does something happened?" , I asked her. "Miss, Madam was drunk and she's trying to burn all of your father's things that he left behind", she replied. "Really? Where is she?", I worriedly asked. "At the front yard ", she replied.

I rashly headed to my mom and stopped her. She's crying so hard and I can see pain in her face, I know that she's hurt. I can felt that my mom still love my dad. It broke my heart to saw her cry and to saw her tears. I hugged my mom and I wiped her tears, then I escorted her to her room and stayed by her side until she fell asleep. "Mom I know that you still love Dad and that's why you got yourself drunk, Mom..... if you're hurt, if you need someone to lean on, you can call me....I'll stay by your side until you get fine", I whispered to her and left her room.

In my way to my room I got a call from my father, "Hello!, Is this Miss Yeizmin?", I've heared a different man's voice from the phone. "Hmm....Yes, Why do you have my father's phone?", I asked him. " Miss you're dad got drunk and he fell asleep at our bar", he replied. I asked the bar address and rashly headed there.

When I came in I saw my dad and his sleeping at the table. "Miss are you his daughter?", the waiter asked. "Yes, I am", I replied. "Your father is been drinking here all night and I saw him cried.... I think he have some problem", he said. "Did he already pay the bill?", I asked him. "No Miss, He haven't", he replied. I paid the bill at the bar and took my Dad home. I brought Dad at our vacant room. "Dad why did you left home, why did you left mom behind then got drunk and cried.....Dad I know that you still love mom, you both love one another but why did you keep hurting each other", I whispered and left the room.

I got exhausted for what I did the whole day, I fell asleep at my room. I woke up because I heared noises down stairs. I heared my mom and dad fighting, so I got up from bed and checked them.

"MOM, DAD...STOP", I shouted. "Why do you keep fighting, your trying to hurt each other .... can't you just talk it out like you always do...Mom?...Dad?", I said. "Yeizmin this is not something that you should interfere with", Dad said. "Dad last night you both got drunk and I saw both of you cried....Dad I'm your daughter, how can I not interfere if I saw my parents fighting and keep hurting each other....As your daughter I both love you and I'm worried for the both of you....Can't you just fix this ?", I said while I cried. "Yeizmin go back to your room", Dad said and they keep fighting.

Dad left the house and Mom got her car key and headed to my grandparents town. They all got away and they left me behind, alone in that big mansion. I was in the leaving room and I'm spaced out, then the maid flicked her fingers and I blinked.

I opened my eyes and I'm in the different mansion, my friend are all there and they're having fun. "Yeizmin come on.....join us, let's dance and have fun", one of them said. They're all inviting me to join them dance, but I'm not in the mood so I refused them. "No thankyou...just keep dancing", I replied. They keep forcing me to join them and because of what happened to my parents, I got mad and let my anger out to them.

"Why do you keep forcing me!!... I already said No!!!, I don't want to and I'm not in the mood to dance...can't you see it?!!!", I shouted. "Yeizmin what's wrong? Why did you got mad?, we're just trying to have fun here and we just want you to join us, lets dance so that you can have fun too", my friend said. "Have Fun?...then I don't want to, don't force me to do things that I don't want to do!!!... if you guys want to dance, then do it yourself and don't get me involved, cause it's not fun at all!!", I scolded . "If you really don't want to, then you could tell us nicely, we can understand you.... if you're not having fun , then you could tell us, so that we can adjust for you...why do you need to get mad and scold us?", one of them said."Cause you're all so annoying!!!....", I said without even thinking. "Annoying?
... Us?... so we annoyed you...we are annoying for you?", one of them asked. "Yeizmin what's wrong with you?...if you have problem you can tell us... just open it up, okay?", another one asked. They tried to approach me but I pushed them away, "Can you just all stay away from me!!!...please!!!", I said in a harsh way and then left the room.

I headed to the park and got myself up. All the things that happened between my parents popped up in my head and I realized all the words that I threw to my friends. I know that I did something wrong, so I tried to call them in the phone but no one answer me, I keep trying but they didn't pick up the phone. Thinking that maybe my friends got mad at me, and my parents left me alone, I got no one by my side made my tears fell. I can't stop from crying, I cried out all the pains that I felt.

Someone sat beside me and lend me a hanky, "Just Cry and let all that pains out...then wipe your tears with this", he said. I looked at him and it's him again, the handsome angel who always there when I felt down,then left when I got fine.

"You?....why are you here?", I asked. "To comfort you....", he replied. "How did you know that I'm here? And how did you know that I need comfort?", I asked again. "I felt the pain in your heart and your tears pulled me to you", he said. I can't understand what he meant, but whenever he's around I felt safe and comforted.

He wiped my tears with the hanky that his holding. "Won't you ask me why I cried?", I asked. "'s fine if you don't wanna tell me...and if you need someone to talk to...I'm free to listen", he replied and I start to open up my problems. "My parents fought and they both left the Mom gone to my grandparents and my dad....I don't know... they left home without even thinking about their daughter.... then I've colded my friends...I threw hurtful words to them,...I know that I did something wrong, so I called them to say sorry,but no one answer me... I think they hated me...I got no one by my side now...they all left me alone", I said and he keep listening. "If I just stopped my parents from leaving the house...if I just sincerely talked to the both of them....if I just do my role as their daughter...maybe they're still together...maybe they didn't left me alone and if I just hold on myself...if I didn't scolded my friends and threw my anger to them....maybe they're here...maybe I have someone to lean on ", I added.

"You can't bring back time and take back things that you did or words you threw but it doesn't mean it's the can still fix it", he said. "If you want your parents to get together again you can still talk to them and help them to fix the misunderstanding between the two of them and about your friends, if you want to say sorry why don't you say it in person...go to them and talked to them, explain yourself and I know that they will forgive you", he added. "Do you think I can? you think I can fix the misunderstanding between my parents?...would my friends forgive me after all I did to them?", I asked. "I Know you can...You love them right?", he asked back. "Yes I do...I love them so much", I replied. "You love them and I know that they love you too....your parents will listen to you cause I know that there's still love in their heart...and I know that your friends would forgive you...your love for each other will bring understanding and it will fix everything", he said. His words cheered me up and gave me courage. "What are you waiting for...go fix everything", he said. I looked at his eyes and thanked him. "Remember everything is in your hands now", he said and then he flicked her fingers and I blinked.

When I opened my eyes,I saw my friends setting in front of me. "Yeizmin what is the important thing that you need to tell us?", my friend asked. I woke up with the opportunity to fix everything. "Amm...I just want to say sorry to everything that I said to you...I know that my words hurt your feelings and I felt guilt for what I did to you guys...I'm so stressed about my parents leaving each other and I got anger for them leaving me behind and that anger...I threw that all to you...", I explained. "Can you still forgive me?", I added.

My friends forgived me and they all hugged me. "We're also sorry Yeizmin...we got mad of you without even knowing what you're been to", one of them said. "Yeizmin if you need our help we are here for you",one of them added.

I opened up my problem about my parents to my friends and they all decided to help me fix the misunderstanding between my parents. We made a plan and divided ourselves into two groups. The other group would go find my Dad and the other one would go to my Mom, then we'll going to meet at the park with my parents.

We brought both my Dad and my Mom at the park and then I talked to them. At the end they fix their relationship and their love for each other won. I felt relieved after seeing them hugged each other. A smile drawn in my face. After fixing all the things that needed to be fix, I heared a flick and once again, I blinked.

When I opened my eyes I was in the chapel. I saw the angel outside under the tall tree, I rushly run to him. "Hi...😊", I said and he looked at me. "You're here", he said and he smiled at me. He held my hand and we walked together.

"Thankyou", I said. "For what?", he asked. "For everything...for giving me advice...for cheering me up and for comforting me...because of you I fixed everything", I replied. "It's nothing...", he said. "You're always there when I need someone to lean're always there to wipe my're like my knight", I said. He looked at me and he smiled. We stopped under the street light. "What if I got drown and I died, what would you do?", I asked out of the blue. "It wouldn't happen...because if you're drowning I'm gonna save you, so you wouldn't die", he replied. "Really?😍", I asked. "The knight will always save the princess and he will always there for her...he will always stay by her side", he replied. " I'm your princess?", I asked in flutter. "Who else would it be", he answered and smiled. "Can you promise that you will always stay by my side...that you will always there for me?", I asked. "Promised" , he replied.

He brought me home and at the gate , "Thankyou... because of you now I have my Mom and Dad waiting for me inside", I said. "It's not because of me...all I do is adviced you, you're the one who fixed everything and it's because you all let your love won", he replied. "Still, if not because of your advice maybe I wouldn't do the same thing I did...maybe I just cried and do nothing...", I said.

"It's already late", he said. "Are you ready?", he added. "Ready?... for what?", I asked. " Everyting comes to an end", he replied. "You've done your role and now it's time to wake up", he added. "Wait!...what do you mean wake up?", I asked and he smiled at me. "From this dream...there's still things that you need to fix", he replied. "Wait! this is really just a dream?", I asked. "Yes and now you need to wake up...when I flick my fingers you'll wake up", he replied. "Wait!...what about you...are you just my dream?...when I woke up you'll be gone, that means I would never ever gonna see you again", I sobbed. "I don't want to leave you here...can't I just stay here?", I added. "No you can't...this is just a dream and in every dream you need to wake up", he replied. "Even just a little longer...I just want to be with you even just for one day", I sobbed. He wiped my tears and looked at my eyes, "Stop crying...remember you need to be brave", he said.

He let go of my hands, "Now it's time to leave", he said. "Can't I never ever see you again?... didn't you promise me that you will be always there for me...that you will always stay by my side", I said. "I'll always stay by your side....wherever you are...whenever and whatever happened I'm there...just believe Yeizmin...I'll always be your knight", he said and then he flicked his fingers and I blinked. I woke up from my dream or let say from my beautiful nightmare.

When I woke up that day, straight away I talked to my parents and helped them to fix their misunderstanding. Then, I opened my phone and called my friends and I said sorry for everything I said to them and hopefully, it all gone well. Thanks to that beautiful nightmare I learned something.

All of that was real, it really does happened to me and that was the most beautiful and memorable nightmare I ever had. It's been 4 years but I can't still forget it ...I can't still forget him. Maybe you'll think I'm crazy but I'm waiting for him to come, I'm hoping that someday I'll see him or find him.

I didn't write everything here...I just wrote the most important moments because it would take you hours to read this if ever I wrote everything.

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