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Usage of BCH in my city (Pakistan)

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1 year ago

Greetings all!

How are you all, hope you are all doing well at your places and also in your life. Today I am going to share with a very unique work which I am doing in my city is the sharing of pamphlets and giving awareness to my citizens and I am so happy that bch is accepted in here 💚

Guys how I am spreading BCH love, the way and where it is acceptable right now is given below ⬇️⬇️

Medical store, pharmacies

Here is a pharmacy and every body needs the medicines for the daily life and you know every one is not fully healthy and we can say that every one have some kind of problem. In this age about 80% of people are suffering from different diseases and they need a medicines for that like coughing, fever, phenemonia, etc. That's why i tried to compensate with them and now they can buy their medicines for the exchange of BCH 💚from that day I take a many positive responses about using of BCH instead of cash or Pakistani rupees 💚

Medical store in my village where bch accepted 💚💚

Vegetables & fruits shops

There is an important need of every day life is the vegetables and every one needs it for his livings, there are many people who cannot buy the vegetables and fruits for spending so much Pakistani rupees on these vegetables and fruits and they were really very worried about this, I gave him a suggestion for using BCH instead of Pakistani rupees and now from that day they are buying the vegetables and fruits with the help of @BCH

You can buy vegetables and fruits with the help of BCH 💚

Mobile shops

Today is the age of technology and about 90%of people are using a android mobile, I phone, laptops, computers and also other kinds of technology which is helping us in our daily life, it seems we cannot live a one day without our mobiles phones, isn't soo, that's everyone needs this things, now in my city bch is acceptable on a mobile shops and you can buy a new phone, laptops or computer with the help of @BCH

This is mobile shop where you can buy anything with the help bch 📱📱📱

Bakeries & sweets shops

Today is the day when everyone needs some sweets on different occasions like birthday parties, marriage, wedding days and also many occasions comes when we need sweets, for this purpose we buy the sweets and respect our guests. Sweets are so expensive here and many people afraid to buy these sweets, therefore I told them an easier way for buying the sweets with the help of the BCH 💚💚now they feel comfortable to buy these sweets. In my city people buy sweets with @BCH

Buy sweets with BCH

ATM & Banks

Banks are the only place where you can prevent your money and keep safe and you also trust on the banks, there are a lot of banks which are using BCH store and the people store their money in the form of BCH and when you have bch in your account you can exchange it with Pakistani rupees and also you can withdraw bch from the Atm, there are many banks which are storing and using BCH here

ATM using BCH

There are many people on the and read cash but people who I know very well who encouraged the author and support him /her in his work are the two greatest personalities in the world

Marc de Mesel

He is the man who is sometimes also on the YouTube live and promoting BCH in all over the world. I follow him and waite for every post of him because his posts are reasonable and accurate according to the BCH, he is guiding every one on this platform, sir you are great and you are helping us a lot especially me like a poor writer 😊I always thank to the God for having such a kind person on this platform and he is helping us a lot and encouraging us a lot, I would like to thank you God for giving us such a personality who is helping us..... He is spreading BCH love all over the world

Thank you Soooooooooooooooooo much sir for having between us 💚💚💚💚💚

Sir Marc de Mesel spreading bch love all over the world 💚🌍

2. Ellie

He is also a great person among us who is helping and encouraging us a lot. I think they are rare people on and read cash where they are helping us in this regard, when someone writes an article and people don't respond him he feels disappointed and he/she try not to write it again but when someone encouraged us and ask us that you can do this and you have to do, this gives the author or writer encouragement and he feels happy, Sir Ellie is also one of great person on read cash and 😊I always thank you to the God for having such a great person among us....... Thank you Sir Ellie for having between us

Sir Ellie spreading BCH love in the world 💚

If we work together, for the promotion of BCH then we will see BCH will touches the sky soon and I have firm faith that BCH will be at the top of all currencies soon. So for this purpose keep supporting and spreading BCH love where you live 💚

Love @BCH 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

Promote @BCH 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

Promote 💚💚💚💚💚💚


























Happy reading 😊

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Written by   19
1 year ago
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