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The poor maid_servant

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After a while they arrived at madam Williams destination and to his surprise, Hilda was around. She recognized her father and welcomed him with such a hospitality that Mr Williams said in his heart, "Wow my daughter has changed! She greeted her father and asked to sit down. After that she excused and they said it'd okay sit down and talk. Mrs Williams started the talking on what was happening to her ever since Mr Williams left her and how she became a religious lady and Hilda explained how she repented.

Mr Williams was overjoyed. He was on his knees praising God for the wonderful things happened and united him with his changed wife and daughter. After that he explained what made them to Meet again and meet up with pastor Troy.

Then Mrs Williams was shocked that his husband was following her around and she smiled and said thank you God for giving such a man of patience otherwise by now it will be another story. So Mr Williams asked the two to pack up and leave the town and go to where Mr Williams stays. As soon they arrived, the kids were happy to unite again with their mother and their elderly sister. They were shocked to see how different were they. As days passed away, Tony and pretty were being amazed by how mom and Hilda changed. So one day madam Williams explain what happened and the children said better you seek help earlier otherwise you were going to roam in the hell?

"What do you mean?" said Mrs Williams as she was trying to get it.

The children silenced.

"Okay! I got it." said Mrs Williams. So days were good.


It's been days and months and years I have been working at Mr Rayan and I was happy that my family lives in with me but I want them to live in my own house but I was preserved. One day Mr Rayan ask me of what I want to be. I explained that I want to go back to school and once a graduate of business management I will take my family with me. So Mr Rayan said it's done and I asked "What sir?"

He said, "Start next week. You will be going to school again and promise one thing... don't eat one's promise."

With joy I couldn't control myself. I thanked Mr Rayan, "Thanks sir! God bless you! I won't eat one's promise"

Mr Rayan said Talent! Could you control your self.

"Oh! Sorry sir! "

"Okay! I understand. Wish you the best.

The week arrived. Everything was sorted and Talent started to go to school.

On her first day you know many students with curiosity toiling them. The child was positioning her self and the day was great. School days were impressive as Talent got more friends, they liked her because of her behavior. It was time of ordinary level exams. She wrote and the sooner the results came. Talent was found the Best brilliant bright student who became first with flying colors. She had her 10 As and everyone including the staff members saluted her. Now she was on her way home with the news she was famous as she broke the ice. Her siblings surrounded her and said, "Sister you are a super star. Keep it up!"

Mr Rayan congratulated her and said, "You showed that you have passion and aim of what you want to do. I love it. Well done! Keep it up and one thing I forget to tell that Mr Williams and I had planned to make that you go back to school so we organised to raise together the Money needed and there is no for you to pay back so call him and break the ice l was shocked that both had planned me such a good thing I thank God for blessing. I called Mr Williams and he was happy for me and said don't give up you are brilliant. He was very happy. You Know it makes you happy when you help a person who shows that she has potential. It gives curiosity on want to do more for him or her.

Happy reading ❤️

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Written by   19
8 months ago
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That’s a cute story. I loved it. Seems like you are new here. Hello dear! The Devil welcomes you to the family. You should open the sponsorblock so that people can sponsor you

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8 months ago