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Spreading BCH love 💚

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1 year ago

Hiiiii! Guys I hope you All will be fine. Today I am going to tell about the incident which happened with me in spreading BCH in my village.

Usman Korea.

The place where I live and in my village there are about 50% people are educated and 50% are uneducated. And I have seen a lot people who are unemployed due to the different reasons. I planned to first talk to the educated people because they listen politely and it is easy to understand.

Yesterday I have planned with my friend to spread BCH in my whole village. We both get ready to give awareness people about BCH . That's why we both write BCH on a simple page

Boray wala.

He got a bike and we ready to go to the Boray wala a small community which consists of maximum 30 houses. When we reached there and we give these cards to the boys of that community and in no time there gathered a lot people of that community and when all people came I share information about BCH. I can see the faces of people and I understand that some people are really educated and some people are uneducated who don't have any idea what's going on. But I can see that they all have android phones in their hands 📱when I sum up all this, one person who looks educated stand up and asked Me

Ali hamzabhatti :what are benefits of using BCH?

I politely told him,,,

1.easy to accessible transaction

3 small charges is cheaper and faster to use

5.and a lots of another benefits

6.BCH has a bright future

BCH love

Another person abruptly stand up and asked me

Umar farooq:how we use

I told him all the procedure that how you can make an account on BCH and how you can use it with even the low speed of network. This site is amazing and also gives you the great chance of earning with learning without any investment ❤️

The man in a black dress stood up and asked me abruptly...........

Hasnain fida:How can I make money on

The whole people laughed at him but my friend keep them silent then I said yes you can make money on Then I describes the whole process that you will be on the site and your only work is to promote BCH love in your community and BCH will give you free tips and also your friends will give you free tips and that’s how you can earn from the site a lot and you can make a lot of friends on BCH.

Third person asked me........

Aqib :How we can spread BCH?

I appreciated aqib who asked me question like this. Then I told him you can spread BCH through your all sources which you have. Like

Social media....

You can spread BCH with a tiny phone you have in your hand. You can spread BCH through




WhatsApp groups

And also

Through YouTube channels

Like this

Spreading BCH on Instagram


The people who were there all agrees with me and asked me to registered on I have registered them on the and about 6 hours we sit there and registered them all to

They were really very happy by joining BCH family and now they all are using and also spreading BCH through the near village and also helping me in spreading BCH. I hope my whole village will be the part of BCH. Now BCH is making progress by leaps and bounds and I believe it will on top of all the currencies. And I have firm faith that BCH will touches the sky with the efforts of all bch users.

Love for all bch users who are spreading BCH love and supporting it

Thank you.










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Written by   19
1 year ago
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