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How BCH Helping my poor villagers ❤️

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1 year ago

Greetings all!

I joined BCH family one month ago, my friend Waqaskhan387 invited me to join First of all i rejected to join this and then after few days he again insists me to join and I joined with not any interest.

After joining of my I gained a lot of knowledge from I made friends on and I began to take interest in, one day I checked my wallet and first time I withdraw 300 rupees.

When I saw there are a lot of benefits by using like

Little charges

Easy transactions

Low transaction fee

Very fast transaction

And lot of other benefits ❤️

I live In a small village which is usman koria and there are about 1500 peoples in my village. There are 30% educated and 70%people are uneducated and who are educated are not job holders 😊

They all are labourers and work whole the day and after the end of the day they get 300 rupees their per day salary. But in this condition they were not living their life happily.

After seeing this I started compagn in my village about BCH because I want to help my villagers ❤️first of all people denied to join this site 😊but I used to tell them about BCH on daily bases

Fist of all......

1.Zahid Fazal.

He is orphan and live about 2 kilometre away from me. One day I ask him to join He is university student and he often dont have enough money for his hostel expenditures.he was about to quit the university. When he joined he told me that it is very helpful for him and it is helping him to pay his hostel dues.. ❤️


He is my neighbourer and he has a computer shop and he downloaded the new films and people came to him for new films but in this age everyone has an android phone and have Internet access and they can watch films online. Thus he doesn't have any other idea to earn money. Then I told him about BCH and After all he joined the and now he always thanked to me whenever I visit him. He is living happy life due to bch ❤️

3. Shahbaz Khalid

He is shopkeeper and due to this pandemic covid 19 he got a great loss in his business. When he was free and there is no other thing to sell in his shop. He felt very sad. One day he met, I told him about BCH and He immediately ready to join cash. Now he says, he is living happy life due to noise cash 😊

4.sheraz numberdar

He also lives in my village and he has a clothes shop and due to the COVID-19 he got a loss in hi business. When he has nothing to do, I told him to compensate his loss by joining BCH and 😊now he is earning a good amount from this BCH and he always thanked to me.

5.Ali Hamza

He has small shop of repairing mobile phones and he has three sons. One day he told me that he is living his life hand to mouth. And there is no earning in repairing of mobile phones.and he was much worried, Then I told him about BCH and He agrees to join BCH family. Now he says that he is living happy life,due to noise cash and BCH ❤️

6. Muhammad amjad

He is a tailor and he sew the suits of gents. But in this age of modern, everyone wear a pants and shirts and there is no demand and fashion for simple suits. Due to no work on shop he left his shop. When I heard about him I feel very sorry for him. One day he met me i told him about BCH and He feels very happy because there is no other way of earning for him. Now he is earning from BCH very good amount. And he is happy due to BCH ❤️

7. Umar akram

He lived in my village next to my street. He worked on fields and always not happy for his earnings from the fields. He was not satisfied for his earnings which he get from the fields.he was much worried about his expenditures and low earnings from the field. One day I told him about BCH and He immediately ready to join Now he is living his life happily due to noise cash and BCH❤️

8. Saifullah.

He is labourer and he randomly do work and people give him 300 rupees per day. But he was not satisfied with these and his family expenditures were more than his earnings. Thus he always worries about his work and due to covid 19 he had nothing to do . One day he told me about each and every thing that how he is living his life hand to mouth. I advise him to join BCH and He immediately ask me to register him on And now he is living his life pretty good than before 😊due to BCH ❤️

9.Hamad Khan

He is a student of college and he lives in a hostel. He belongs to a very poor family. One day , he told me about quit the college because he cannot pay high dues of the hostel where he lived before. He was much worried, then I told him about the BCH and He immediately ask me to register him on I registered him and he told me BCH is helping him in paying his hostel dues and he is studying due to BCH and ❤️

10.Muhammad yasir

He is not my villager. He lived in another village which is about 20 kilometre away from me. He is a also a student and belongs to a very poor family. Once he visited me and was much worried. I ask him what happened? He told me each and every thing about why he is worried. He is getting higher education and he had to pay his fee, he was much worried about his fee . He said I want to quit university then I advised him to join and BCH family.he said that he is now collecting his fee on his wallet. And soon he can pay his university fee. Now he always thanked to me for that great advise ❤️and the great help of BCH and ❤️

11.Aftab Abid

He lives near my village and he sells the fast food like chicken rolls and burgers etc. But he said to me that there is no advantage to me in this work and I am much worried about it. He said the expenditures are more than my earnings. What should I do? Then I advise him to join and BCH. He is uneducated he aks me each and every thing about BCH and I politely shared all information with him, then he asked me to register him on After all I registered him too on and he is now living his life happily due to this amazing site ❤️


This is how ❤️BCH ❤️ helping my villagers and now it spreading in my village speedily. And I believe one day BCH will be on top of all the currencies and I really have firm faith BCH will touches the sky soon. I really thanks to the organisers of this amazing site,because due to this there are a lot people in the world living their life happily ❤️we should all spread BCH love where we lives because due to your efforts and supporting of BCH someone may live his life happily ❤️

Thanks to BCH and ❤️

Love BCH 💚

Promote BCH💚

Promote 💚

God bless you all 😊

Happy reading 😍

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Written by   19
1 year ago
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Greetings and best wishes from Scotland - keep it up :)

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