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How BCH helpful to me ❤️

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1 year ago

About two days ago I was at the books center where I have bought the books and two novels 1.Pride and prejudice written by Jane Austin and 2.mayor of casterbridge written by Thomas Hardy

I was waiting for the price of these two novels and and also the book wren & Martin. When the salesman show me the price of these three items

I was like how? About 500 hundred rupees were above my approach and I can't do anything and also I have to bought these important book and novel

Then I check my wallet of BCH and at that time there are about 650 rupees in my wallet. I quickly withdraw my rupees and pay him on jazzcash 💓

While the sales man was watching me carefully doing this. After this he asked me about BCH. I told him everything about BCH and he immediately took his phone into the pocket and asked me to registered on a cash 💓

I registered him and also the other people who were working there as a sales man. I feel very happy when I paid him from the BCH. If I don't have this on that day I will feel soo embarrassed in front of others 💓

Thank you soo much BCH for helping me and thank you so much to the owner of an amazing site cash "Sir Toorik" 💓

Love bch💓Promote BCH and also spread noise cash through your Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc💓

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