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1 year ago

Hi guys!

Today I am going to tell you a very real and serious effect of BCH on me. About 2 months ago I don't have any idea about BCH or Then my friend invited me on this platform and firstly I don't believe and I don't join.


Professionally I am a teacher in a small village, and she again insisted me to join BCH family. Then I joined this bch family and first of all I don't tak any interest in this site 😢

But after some days I have started to make friends on and began to feel happy with them.

Now i am very happy with my decision and thankful to my friend. I have made many friends on although we are from different countries but we live like a family ❤️❤️

Then after this I started to share information about @BCH and in my village. About 50%of people are uneducated in my village but there are many people who joined this site.

Sharing is caring

I am spreading BCH love on daily bases and there are many people who are joining this site now I hope soon my village will be the community of BCH ❤️

These are given people who I have invited people on and they further helping me in spreading BCH love. BCH has a bright future and it's making progress day by day and I believe BCH will touches the sky soon ❤️and through bch I am spreading and helping my villagers ❤️













Happy reading ❤️

Thank you so much BCH ❤️

Promote BCH ❤️

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Written by   19
1 year ago
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