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Written by Β Β 19
1 year ago

Hi guys!

Today I am going to talk about a very important topic where people are unaware of this and make sure that others may help them, today i am going to talk about how you can withdraw your money and what are the advantages of using BCH β™₯️

Advantages of BCH β™₯️

Advantages of using BCH πŸ’“

Fast transaction

First and the most important thing which every users want is the fast transaction, every person who is using any site wants to get fast transaction and I am happy to say tha @BCH has a fastest transaction method. Transactions get confirmed in minutes and it transfers within a second πŸ’“

Reliable bch

BCH users get every kind of reliability on this site of and they get every kind of help and advantage here

Low fees

First and the most thing that every user want, no matter which site he is using is the low fees, and I can surely said that bch has the Lowest fees during transaction πŸ’“and you can send money globally for pennies πŸ’“


The last one is easy to use, bch and cash has a simple methods which can be used easily and there is no hassles while using site β™₯️

How you can withdraw

First bch is converted into the dollar and then dollar are converted into any currency

BCH ⬇️

Dollar ⬇️

Pakistani rupees

Who is encouraging the people on πŸ’“

The most famous personality who is encouraging our me and other people like me is the @MarcDeMesel he is the only person who is using his you tube channel for the promotion of BCH and helping in spreading BCH love πŸ’“I always watch whenever he is live on YouTube and he is working for the spreading of BCH love πŸ’“

I only know his name because I also followed him on and I can surely say that his every post will be about BCH and he is working for the promotion of BCH and helping those who are spreading BCH love πŸ’“

Sir @Marc de Mesel spreading BCH loveπŸ’“

I am also spreading BCH on my daily basis and its my daily routine because professionally I am @Teacher and I am spreading BCH in my students and colleagues. Its my responsibility because it is for the benefits for all of us and one day BCH will touches the sky and I believe it will happen soon πŸ’“πŸ’“

I have distributed prints of BCH logo in my students and colleagues

Pamphlets distribution in my students and colleagues πŸ’“

And I am happy that my students talk about BCH and at their homes and their family members came to join on and become the part of BCH, πŸ’“here are the some of my students who joined cash after distribution of pamphlets ⬇️

So friends keep supporting and spreading BCH.................. Work for..........

Promotion of @BCH

Promote of

Always love for @BCH

Happy reading πŸ’“

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Written by Β Β 19
1 year ago
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