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A successful story of Marc de Mesel about and BCH ❤️

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Hi guys!

Hope you are all doing well on this platform of read. Cash. Today I am going to share with you a history of and the owner of this read. Cash like how he started his journey and why he wants to make this kind of site and what were the motivations behind it. So first all I wanted to introduce the owner of the "" Sir Marc de Mesel ""

Marc de Mesel

He is the only guy who started his journey of cryptocurrency in 2009. He has donated about 95000💲in bitcoincash and tipped the other people about 22000💲on this platform. You can say tha he is playing a leading role in the cryptocurrency and also playing an important role and encouraging the authors by giving them tip.

Let me just say that he is the only one who firstly discovered a cryptocurrency and we can say that he is the founder of cryptocurrency. First of all he invested his money on the and donated a lot people here.

What were the motivations behind it.

1. Bitcoincash success

In his interviews he said that he wants to see the success of bitcoincash and wants to spread BCH every where in the world. And that's only the motivation which boost him up to investment in the BCH. And now we can see that bch is increasing on daily basis and a lots of people are joining this cryptocurrency here per day. And this is the beauty of BCH where it is providing a lot of people benefit.

2. Save taxes from government

He further said that there are alot of people who are having lost in their business and government is also taking taxes from everyone, although he is rich or poor. Okay we can just say that rich people can pay taxes but think about it there is a lot of difficulty by paying taxes on everything for the poor people. By launching a cryptocurrency bch now they are all happy because it has very low charges.. He saves the people by paying a taxes to the government.. We may say that Marc de Mesel is the saviour of the poor people.

According to Marc de Mesel why should we use bch?

Here are some benefits of using BCH that's why we should use the bitcoincash. He further asked to use bitcoincash for purchasing everything. According to him there are some benefits using bitcoincash given below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

1. Fast

Bitcoincash is the fast from all other cryptocurrency and you can transfer your money anywhere in the world within a second. That's why we should use bch

2. Reliable

The second benefits of using the bitcoincash is that it is reliable and it can be used anywhere in the world and its network system is reliable.

3. Low fees

The third and the most important benefits of using BCH is that its low fees during transactions. Most of the people face this kind of problem that they have to transfer a small amount but the fees is Very high like bitcoin. That's why for those bch is the best due to its low fees.

4. Simple

The fourth and the best feature of using BCH is that it is so simple to use that it can be understood easily by anyone in the world. The every method of using BCH is Very simple.

5. Stable

Here is the most important benefits of using BCH is that it is stable cryptocurrency due to its large people using it. That's why Marc de Mesel investing more in the bitcoincash.

6. Secured

Whenever a person use any cryptocurrency he is worried about the security of that cryptocurrency. That's why bch provides a secure network to all its people. And this makes this things more easier to use. That's why all over the world people use the bitcoincash for buying everything.

Where Marc de Mesel invested?.

According to his interview he invested the

45% in cryptocurrency

55% like stocks.

In which he invested the most???

Here is the thing which is most important that how much and where he invested. He invested the 30% in the BCH and 15% in Etheriam. But he like bitcoincash the most. He further says that Etheriam is more better risk reward. That's why he loved and more interested in the bitcoincash.

Then the host revealed another thing which is same to the ⬇️

Publish ox

But here you can see tha

1.It is has not native currency

2 you can give the tip from the pool and only one to three authors in a day only. It has dye, lrc, bat.

But you can see the where you can tip an lot of people in one day also appreciate the people. These it means that is the best than publish ox. And I also share with you that @MarcDeMesel donated her on 95000💲💲and tipped about 22000💲💲.

Here is the end of the article I hope so you will enjoy a lot a successful story of successful man @MarcDeMesel

Source: Discuss the and BCH with Scott cunningham.

Happy readings.

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1 year ago
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