Who and what are Ultra Rare and Ultra Horrors

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First a little about NFTs

There is currently a big rise in the NFT world. A lot of artists are now monetizing their art through online sales for crypto. There is also a category of NFTs going on with games. And one last popular thing coming into the crypto world is digital collectibles.

Some might remember hockey, baseball, or other sports cards, younger ones collecting POGs. This is what Ultra Rare and Ultra Horrors are about. Digital collectibles in the form of Non-FungibleTokens.

Ultra Horror cards are currently on the WAX blockchain. The packs will only be available on this blockchain through the AtomicHub marketplace and can only be bought with $WAX.

So who is behind UltraRare

Behind Ultra Rare are two folks from England, John, and Richie. Their idea to create digital collectibles dates from a while back but Ultra Rare and Ultra Horrors came to be after the first releases of the GPK cards. It then seemed to be possible to issue non-physical cards with ease that are accessible and have features that reflect physical ones. I can even be more with add-ons like animations or even sound.

Some points of their mission are to create real value for collectors. They achieve this by keeping the mint numbers low and get talented creators for exciting and unique art. They are also planning on adding some backstory to their cards along with comics. They also have different versions and rarities as well as very cool promo swag and goodies.

In the spirit of issuing cards to their liking and to promote their local artists, they set to create what we can see today through their cool promotion cards. And apparently, it is just a teaser to what will come in the future. Here you can have a glimpse of what they look like.

The artists

Currently, the drawings are from a very talented artist from the northeastern part of England. His name is Macauley Etherington. He is the artist for the first of the series. But it is just the beginning as more artists will be added to future series and other related projects. That’s the idea behind it.

Here is Macaulay Etherington Instagram if you want to have a look:

They also used other artists to design things like fonts or effects used across their medias. You can see this in their credits section. One thing that strikes me with their mission is the dedication to help and encourage their local artists and their respective skills and trades. Not often I have seen credits like this.

Ultrarare credits section: https://ultrarare.uk/credits

The cards

The stuff of nightmares and other monsters

The characters are what you could have nightmares about, but also from folklore, common beliefs, or just plain new monsters and other scary and gory looking entities. Of course, you have the classics like the zombies, the vampires, werewolves as well as more creative things like celestial horrors and other space or unknown beings. Even some famous representation of the like of Jason Michaels.

Here’s a link to see some of the characters they have: 


The variants

Like old-time physical cards and newer digital collectibles, they have variants. Designs that represent material or holographic images as an example. This will make some cards stand out and different. It is also a statement of their status such as rarity.

You can see some of the variants here:

Other features and awesomeness down the road

To Ultra Rare sayings, there will be a lot more cool stuff and experiments. This is apparently just the beginning.

Here are a few statements from their website that make Ultra Rare cards very attractive and special as well as an overall interesting project.

  • Hybrid packs with a mix of pre-minted and minted-on-demand cards

  • 2 base sets with 50 cards each. A and B

  • Several rarities such as Glass, Hypno, Cosmic, Bloodsoaked, and Cursed

  • Packs will also contain other surprises

  • Cards are parts of a story and tales of ancient darkness along with a comic that will unfold in 2021

  • Other experimental and special things to come

The official launch

On the 10th of January at 5 PM UTC, the first packs of UltraHorrors will be on sale in the AtomicHub WAX marketplace. Pack up some WAX because as said already, it will be the only way to buy card packs. Remember these are hybrids packages meaning that the early buyers have more chances at getting low mints. So be prepared it is a unique chance to get your hands on them.

Ultra Horrors on Atomic Hub

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