Tribal Books, The rewards from the quests

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3 years ago
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What an adventure that was. Finding the answers to the Tribal Books quests was not an easy task. I managed to find and or trade almost all of them but one. You can read my initial but late announcement of the contest here:

What were those quests?

Except for the puzzle and the code given by Bonz Manifest in a live broadcast at the Nifty Show #23, all the other answers were words hidden in different media. For instance, one appeared on the background of the Tribal Books website as separate letters to form the word ARCANA. Another one could be seen on a plank over the Saloon sign in the promo video shared on Youtube and other social media. The last that I missed could be seen in an image of the old ritual or unpacking of their NFTs card package. I remember complaining about how much my eyes were sore from staring at the screen looking closely at every image and video they published or mentioned.

An example of a clue and answer:

The clue for one of the secret word was to: Look for it near the water…

They published this image not so long after and I remember staring at it for hours. I also remember not being the only one to do so from the Tribal Books Telegram group.

Here are an image and a link to the short clip

And guess what, there is no hidden word.

The following image in their Medium explaining the cards is where the answer for this clue could be found.

The hard-earned rewards

Sadly the last few pieces of the puzzle were given just before the deadline as I was at work and unable to continue. This took away the chance to win one of the Book of Atlantis. Unique books that were made for the event and are unique to it. This is quite a thing in the world of NFTs as it creates a real hard limit on the supply.

Having accomplished 22 on 25 points I was entitled to a rare book, namely a Book of Trypillia, a common, a rare, and a unique symbol card. It has a current value of about 25 to 30$ which is quite good for a giveaway. It seems that the majority of the participant was taking part in it just for the resell value and some free and quick cash. But for me and a few others, we are holding on to the cards for when the game comes out in Q1 of 2021.

Here is a recap of the rewards that were handed out which totaled a value of a little over 15,000$.

  • 1584 common cards

  • 974 rare cards

  • 379 unique cards

  • 52 rare books

  • 20 legendary books

  • 5 mythic books

The drama

Of course, as with many launches in the crypto and even non-crypto world, it was not without drama. It was stated in the rules of the contest that people who would cheat and just get the answers from others could be disqualified. For every answer, participants could be asked where they got the answer from. A thing that happened a lot past the deadline as many got disqualified. They took it to the Telegram group for a few days following the end of the contest.

Another curious thing is that the widget or software they used for the sweepstake was in fact failed. Apparently, the answers could be extracted from the code client-side for people who knew where to look for on the page. This led the team to change some answers as the contest was moving forward.

Read more about the rules and the problems encountered directly from the Tribal Books team here:

In the end

I had some good fun trying to figure out the quest and became quite aware and knowledgeable of the project. This is from the idea they had to hide all the clues in their content across the different platforms. It was a very clever way to get followers and traffic and get people interested in the project. The team said it would not be the last time either and there will be more quest similar to this one in the future.

I cant wait to see and play the game and really hope that a lot of people will get into it. I will write in the near future other articles about the main ideas behind the Tribal Books card game and its unique mechanics. I will update this page with the link or follow me to know when it comes out.

My link for donations and other pages:

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3 years ago
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